Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Not So Perfect Lent

Well, my Lent is off to a shaky start, how's yours going?

Actually, it started out great on Ash Wednesday. I made it to Mass for the first time in a couple of years because normally my work schedule really conflicts with Mass times. But then it's been down hill from there. I want to cut back on my TV time in the evening, but have been watching a fair amount of Olympics. I want to be a little hungry (not eat quite as much), but I've been sick and have just not worried about it. I also want to try to get to daily Mass at least once a week, and this morning was the time to go... And I was in bed when Mass started. It's true that I'm still not feeling 100%, but I'm a lot better today, and sometimes I wonder how much of it is simply compromising. Since I try not to overload with things to do during Lent, I'm kind of shooting 0/fer.

I don't want to excuse myself too much (and I'm okay with the food thing; it is different when you're sick), but I also don't want to worry about it too much. I don't know what the right response is, because it is easy both to be too lenient and to be too harsh when judging how we're doing with these things.

The funny thing is, there was a time where I would have been frustrated that I had already "ruined" my Lent. There is nothing ruined here. Lent is about growing and learning and turning back to God. Funny how God can take the very failures and make them exactly into the perfect Lenten experience to foster that growth and return. I may not do Lent perfectly, but He does.

Seriously, how is your Lent going?


  1. At this week's small group, one of my fellow young adults make a great analogy. He used the word "exercises" for Lenten Practices. With that in mind, the things we choose are the exercises (like pullups, situps, planks, squats) that help us become spiritually healthy just like these other exercises make us physically healthy. Pullups are NOT my thing, so I don't do them to become physically healthy because they don't help. So if what you chose for Lent isn't working now, choose a new exercise that matches your spiritual skill-level of today. When I'm sick, I am not myself and cannot take on crazy things (even if those things don't seem too crazy on the outside). So start again today, some exercise that helps you grow spiritually - maybe it's just offering up the fact that you don't feel good instead of complaining (I'm a big complainer about being sick). It might be all you have, but you've done something. I think re-evaluating throughout is good, otherwise we make an idol out of "doing lent perfectly" or "being the best at lent" or "look at me how much I sacrificed." We've got this!! Praying for you today!

  2. Um, did you read my journal the other day? I could have written this - including the peptalk to keep on keeping on and let Him do His Lent thing.

    Prayers for you as we stumble along this way of the cross together, friend.

  3. My Lent is going OK too. It has been hard to do a regular routine lately so my Lenten practices have been not so great. I have been doing OK on the no sweets part but we have been watching way too much TV! And yup we are mostly watching the Olympics too around here. Let's keep going and see what God does each day :)