Sunday, April 30, 2017


I sit here on April 30th, and May is just hours away. I don't know if you ever do this, but occasionally I stop and wonder what the month will bring. Clearly, it often brings more of the same as each day slips by so fast that you wonder where the month went. But sometimes it's fun to stop and bring a little more awareness to the day. If I let it just slip by, it will. If I take a moment to decide a few things, I can help guide pieces of it. I can't control it, but I can make some decision about the direction that I want to go. I can make it be something more than just another month.

The question is, what do I want to work towards this month? I have a couple of bike rides in mind. Neither actually in May, but May can be some of the much smaller rides to lead to the bigger ones. There's a 62-miler that I may be doing by myself, but I'm committed and I'm going to do it. It's an organized ride. I also want to do more climbing. I'm not sure that I have enough space to commit to that, given the time that I need to spend on the bike, so we'll see on that goal.

I also just participated in a work performance summit. It was a lot of days of watching a lot of online videos, but it was inspiring. I have a few takeaways that I really appreciated, some for work, some for life in general. But I want to strike while the iron is hot, so May is the perfect time to try to implement some of the things that I learned.

A couple of the things that we've all heard before, but that were interesting to hear from different perspectives, and sometimes with the neuroscience, etc., as to why these things are important:

- Focus on the positive. (Super simple sounding, perhaps, but our brains only have room for so much. More on the positive means less space for the negative.)
- Never complain. (Wish you could have heard all the rationale behind this one. I know it's not a great thing to do, but looking at all the downsides makes me want to commit more to this one. I can be whiny!)
- ABI (Assume best intention; if someone is doing something and we don't know why, most of the time it's not actually because they're a jerk.)
- Whatever it is that you want to change, track it. (This one came up over and over and over again.)
-Remember that our brains can only focus on so much, so 3-5 items on the to-do list is usually best. (More is easy enough to add if you get past that, but that's a great place to start.)

Many of the guests were also authors, so now my reading list is even more insanely long that it was, but that's a great problem to have!

Also, more snow this weekend, so maybe May will bring a touch of Spring? And also maybe a touch more winter. It likes to do both out here!

Have a wonderful week and a wonderful May!


  1. I have never started a month or year wondering what it will bring. I am almost afraid to because so often life does not always turn out the way I hope. Not trying to sound pessimistic, but I think when I start to dream I dream too big. Over the last 10 years working in ministry, facing infertility and health issues as well as the other details of life that just happen, I have tried not to lay to many expectations and pray that God will help me face each day no matter if it brings good or bad news. I started out my life looking at the horizon dreaming big but when I grew up I have become so pragmatic just trying to do my best with what life brings.

    I love some of those things you said above about not complaining and also assuming the best. In ministry we have worked with a lot of people who have no filter and always assume the worst. It brings so much unnecessary drama.

    Hope your May will be better thank you hoped full of adventures! (the good kinds)

  2. I have been trying to be mindful of how much I complain since Lent. I am also urging those around me to look at the positive. I have seen how an attitude of gratitude or cultivating one can help Ma Crow in her stroke recovery. I have also been doing daily lists that have about 5-7 goals for the day and I love it! It has helped greatly with anxiety as well ;)