Sunday, February 26, 2017

That Friend That Makes You Do Crazy Things

I have this friend that I have known for about 6 years ago. Even though we only hung out together for about two years before she moved away, she has had a big role in getting me started in a lot of the things that I never saw myself doing before. Can you say rock climbing? She even got me started on spin class... A year after she moved an ocean away!

She's been in town visiting for a couple of days, and it's been wonderful. Like we haven't been separated all this time, only richer for some of the things that we've experienced in the last few years. She's been in town less than a week and- somehow- I now have plane tickets to go to Europe and ride my bike across the Alps this summer with her and another friend of ours. What the crap?! How does she do this so quickly?!

I'm joking. Not about the trip. That's real. The tickets are real (and purchased! and blessedly cheap!- okay, not cheap at all, but a lot less expensive than they could have been, so therefore possible). The indignation is fake. The slight feeling of confusion and surprise, even though I was the one making the decision, is also real. I am very excited. I mean, I get to eat my way from Munich to Venice!* I'm trying to focus on that part and not the part that this trip requires ~40-45 miles of biking per day with all my luggage on the bike over mountain passes. Apparently we're climbing 3,000-4,000 feet per day. But, I think you know that I relish that challenge as well. I started training on Friday, since I decided that I was going on Thursday. I only have a few months to prepare! This is going to be nuts! Granted, that first bit of training was simply going to spin class a few minutes early. I couldn't even work that hard because I've been fighting asthma this last week. But you can only do what you can do. I'll take whatever few extra minutes I can get!

Haha! Maybe it's a good thing she moved away... Who knows what all trouble we'd get into without the ocean in our way! Oh my goodness! I can't wait!!

*Sidenote, for some reason in my head I keep saying "Vienna", which is another place I would love to visit, but even though I will be passing through Austria, Vienna is another trip. Venice, the one with the canals, is where I will be.


  1. What an awesome trip and such a great friend to encourage it! I look forward to seeing all the spectacular photos you will be taking.

  2. You're going to Europe!!??!! Oh my gosh ... SO exciting!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! :-D

  3. I somehow missed this until your post today. Oh my goodness, that's awesome. I have a friend like that too, who convinces me to do crazy things. But Europe is such an amazing experience I am so excited to hear about this adventure.