Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Minimalism... But Then What?

I have been obviously all over the minimalist idea lately. Toss all the stuff! I have a goal of getting rid of 2,016 things in 2016. I needed to toss 336 things by Monday to be on track... I'm at 391. I'm not hard and fast stuck on the idea of 2,016 things. It's a good goal, but if I reach a certain point where I have nothing else that I really want to toss, I'm not going to keep going. Still, I like it. I like that the more I get rid of, the stuff that I keep becomes more useful and enjoyable. Like everything, I think you can take it too far, but so far, it's still a lot of fun exploration for me.

I was reading this article, however, and it reminded me of something important. If you are going to create a void, why are you creating it? What are you going to do with it? It's great to create space, but one of the big things with minimalists is that they want experiences rather than stuff. Not that that's all bad, but sometimes we then end up chasing the experiences with all the fervor that we were consuming things before. The article tries to suggest a couple of reasons that experiences are more fulfilling than things for several reasons. I like experiences, but I can tell you right now that chasing experiences is no more satisfying that having all the stuff you can dream of.

The draw of minimalism for me is getting rid of some of the excess clutter and noise to create the space for me to be the best version of me. First off, that means not chasing things OR experiences, but rather having the room and the space in my life to seek God. It allows me to be more detached from things so that I can realize Who it is that I actually need to rely on. The things and the experiences that we chase will not make us happy. In my case, not even finally finding a spouse or having a family will fill that hole. Rather, if we look at it as a way of trusting Him to supply our needs rather than that we keep all of that stuff in case we need it someday, then I think it can be really beneficial.


  1. Your Minimalist journey will allow for more time to pursue things that are REALLY important in your life ;-)

  2. I never thought of it that way, but you're right. I can see myself falling into this attitude of chasing experiences. Especially as we get older, I want to make sure I stuff in as many experiences with the kids and with Bryan as I can while we can. Just as bad as stuffing our house with stuff.

  3. Because we had to get all we owned into 6 suitcase for our job, we had no choice but minimalism. It is great to be free like that but I have been so worried about losing memories all together... so I made a picture book of all my memories and stuff that I once loved but had to give away. To anyone else this book is kind of odd since some of the pictures are just stuff... but it is increĆ­ble how much we have forgotten/don't think about when we have nothing to remind ourselves of our past. I think in total we have hundreds of pictures that fit into a nice little book. Maybe you have felt like we did and how hard it is to let go... but a nice little book does not take up much space if you want to hold onto some of your past.

  4. We have been getting rid of stuff too. I recently had someone help me weed through my wardrobe and get rid of the excess. It was amazing! I think for me minimalism is about detachment and learning detachment so I can attach more to God.