Saturday, March 5, 2016

I Should Be Doing Stuff

And by "stuff", I don't mean blogging. It's okay, though. I don't mind. ;)

I was going to come home today after hiking and get some extra stuff done. And maybe I will, in a minute.  I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet right now while not being hungry. And I mean hungry. Do you want to know what I ate today? (If you don't, click away!) I know this is the epitome of those boring blogs, but I want to tell you because everyone always acts like I'm hungry because I don't eat enough. You tell me!

5 sausage links
2 potatoes fried in butter with an onion (one of those was quite a large potato)
3 eggs cooked in coconut oil
an apple
10 oz of turkey
2 guacamole packs, the 100 cal. ones
a chia pod (chia pudding snack)
2 fruit strips
a pumpkin snack that involved some butter and a whole can of pumpkin and some coconut flour
5 more sausage links

It's not supper yet, but the way I'm feeling, there probably will be supper. It's not a given, because I really do try to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full, so I do sometimes skip supper when I've eaten enough and I'm no longer hungry. I am seeing that I should be eating some more vegetables, but usually I try to cook those into the foods I'm eating. Supper, if it happens, will probably be spaghetti with spaghetti squash, so there will be some there. Anyway, my point is, I do eat enough. I thought maybe too much, so I tried to snack less this week, and not go to the grocery store as often so I wouldn't buy all the food! That led to the scale being down 2 pounds, me being a step away from crazy last night with the hunger, and of course today's ridiculousness. Because even I don't always eat this much! No wonder my grocery bills are so over the top!

Anyway, food is about all that's been on my mind these last few days, so that's what you're stuck reading, if you made it this far. Also, I should mention that part of my problem is that I had a really hard workout yesterday, and did a 7 mile hike in the mountains today. I'm sure those didn't help!

I do think that food is interesting. If I avoid added sugars, wheat, dairy, nuts and limit certain other things, I can eat when I'm hungry (even when it's crazy) and not have a huge problem on the scale. Before I realized the problem that I had with those, my weight stayed sort of okay, but I'd have to be kind of hungry sometimes to avoid gaining. I currently sit about 10 pounds lighter than I did then, and I eat more. Now, I'm not saying this is the "diet plan" that everyone should do. My body has issues, and a lot of that extra weight and stuff was inflammation and I was much too tired to do as much activity as I do now. I miss a lot of foods, but not too bad, since I do NOT miss how they made me feel!

I'm sorry, there's no particular point to this blog post, other than I was too hungry to do my to-do list, and then I was already on the blogs and decided to say what was on my mind. While it's not all bad to have a high metabolism, don't go wishing you were me. I'm serious about that grocery bill! Because my body's so sensitive, I end up eating the expensive foods and a lot of it. Most people could easily feed a family on what I eat. I am thankful and blessed to have a decent job, but every time I try to cut down a bit of spending, I can't do it.

Now I'm going to go shower and maybe start my to-do list... Partly because I'm starting to get hungry again! I think it's the real deal, but I'm going to go for the distractions first in case it's just because I was writing a post about food. ;)


  1. This is a great testimony to healthy eating. I know i eat way too much carbs. Also I'm curious about the pumpkin snack. I love pumpkin.

  2. This is a great testimony to healthy eating. I know i eat way too much carbs. Also I'm curious about the pumpkin snack. I love pumpkin.

  3. I gave up all processed junk food (Good-bye M&Ms!) for Lent. I've already lost 5 pounds. I never would have guessed that I ate as much of it as I did. Besides cutting out the junk, I've also amped up my working out. Oh, and the oral surgery took out half of the food I was left eating. Basically, I've gotten used to always being hungry. I feel ya. :)
    Did you ever get that to-do list started? :)

  4. Wow you do eat a lot! You may eat more than I do and I have hypoglycemia. You do need more veggies though :p

    1. Ok so the very day I posted this comment I was so hungry and today I have been super hungry too. Is this contagious? I will now go find food to eat at 8:30pm at night! I never eat this late but I am hungry again.

  5. Yum! Isn't is crazy how many calories you can eat when they don't come from sugar and wheat and stuff? It would probably horrify most people to see how many calories (most of them fat calories, no less) I eat in a day, but I never gain weight unless I have a sugar binge!