Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tuesday

I need to be getting ready for bed, but it's Fat Tuesday, and I've been partying it up! Okay, if you call spending a little extra time in front of a screen today, and eating some sugar (it's out again tomorrow!) "partying", then I am all over it!

Y'all, I know it's last minute, but I love that Pope Francis is calling us not to be indifferent to those around us, and to focus on other people and being merciful rather than just giving up candy or whatever. (I still think a small sacrifice is helpful, particularly if it's something that helps us rethink our priorities or become a little more detached from certain habits- AKA some of my social media checking and re-checking getting a little out of hand!) But still, I really feel like for so many reasons, I really need to be trying to reach out and help others this Lent, but I don't really know how or in what direction. Any thoughts? I think there is a lot to be said for first focusing on those we live with... But I live alone. So, I can start with the people that I see regularly, but I don't know. I feel like I need something specific to focus on so as to reach a little outside my current comfort zone. Any brilliant thoughts as to how I might try to go about that?

You guys! Unrelated to Lent, but I am giddy today! Praising God for the way things have worked out in unexpected ways at work. I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself, but there is a chance that if I can bridge a gap that I'm working on that there might be a chance to make some real change, at least in my little area, with regards to people moving better and with less pain! Appreciate any prayers that I can figure out the best way to bridge that gap... Or at least find a way that works!

Also, while I'm on the prayer requests, I'm going to go ahead and throw one out there for those of us that are single and still feel called to marriage. There is a loneliness in that that is hard to describe. Yes, it's being alone every evening, sometimes on holidays and weekends, but even when I'm out doing all the fun stuff, it's not having that person to share it with. Furthermore, I feel the separation from many of my friends as well, because they are all going through something in life that is so different than what I am that I also don't have as much to share with them. I am more than aware that marriage doesn't fix all of those problems. I don't expect it to. Nor am I praying just for marriage, but also for a way to help create better community, which is something that we ALL need, no matter our state in life, and something that few of us have. And I am not just asking for me. I can think of 4 or 5 or 6 other people that are in the same boat. It gets old, and that fatigue of trying to get up and deal with it is a big part of my recent depression issues. All I can say is, those words in Genesis "It is not good for man to be alone" are ringing deep and true right now.


  1. You are in my prayers! :) And I'm excited about your next project to "bridge the gap"! I hope Lent is really fruitful for you.

  2. I agree, the giving up of something, sacrificing, is still an important, valuable thing to do, but adding to it by doing good things for people is marvelous. I've got plenty of ideas for ways to do it! Now that I'm actively looking and trying to discover what my new daytime role is, I'm finding too many ways I would like to spend my time.
    There are always plenty of ideas in our church's bulletin. Working in a food pantry, making cookies for the group of elderly folks who get together to play cards, making dinner for families going through difficult times, prison ministry, hospital volunteer, vising people in the nursing home...so many things to be done.
    I pray you will find something that enriches both you and the person/people you are helping. I will also keep your special intentions in my prayers.

  3. Praying for you! I hope we get to hear about your project!

  4. I will certainly pray for you! We have several very good friends in the same boat of being single but feeling the call toward marriage.

    Ways you can go out of your comfort zone this Lent... how about saying hello to people at the grocery store? I know I struggle with this a lot too. I am not sure how to "reach out" to those around me outside my home,, family and friends. It is mind boggling for us introverts at times how to do this!

    I look forward to hear what is going on at work! The hints you gave me just about correcting the way I stand have helped my neck pain so, thank you! It is amazing how just being more cognizant of our body can help us self correct.