Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let It Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the mid-60's and today it's snowing. That's just how it goes sometimes. Honestly, my only complaint at the moment is that it's not snowing harder. It's peaceful with the snow sifting down, and this is one of those few days that I don't have to go anywhere (now that I'm home from Mass) and I can relax and enjoy being home. I have no idea how much snow there will be; there was talk of up to 18", but often when they say a foot and a half, we might get 2 inches. So, no one knows. I'm thinking Star Wars (the originals, which I think is silly to have to even differentiate. They are the ONLY Star Wars as far as I'm concerned, though I kind of liked the newest one), some tea (I'm especially enjoying this peach herbal tea with my own coconut milk creamer- I added vanilla and, viola! creamer- it tastes like peaches and cream) and I made some chicken soup the other day. Not chicken and noodle, of course, but chicken with a ton of vegetables and some good bone broth. Obviously blogging is also on the list.

I don't know if it's because of the cutting sugar, but I got so much done yesterday! I went hiking with a friend, then she helped me finish my movement challenge on Instagram. (That was so much fun, and I wish I had a monkey bars in my house now!) Then I got home, made food, did laundry, went to the grocery store and went through all of my books, getting rid of over 60 of them. I had my hiking clothes completely cleaned before I even sat down. The dishes were even done before I went to bed. Like I said, a bunch of energy due to a lack of sugar? Who knows, but I'll take it! Oh, yeah, and for those of you who are not on IG, this was my first time ever of successfully completing the monkey bars. Yes, I know, just a bit of a developmental delay there, but I was never able to do it even as a child, so I'm super excited to have made it, and I can't wait to keep working on things.

I am currently reading the book of the hour (or of the last hour, because I'm a little slow), "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". I really like the underlying concept of keeping things that bring you joy. Many of the books that I had were not making me happy, but I felt almost obligated to keep them for various reasons. It was eye opening as I picked up each book to realize how many were not something that were meaningful to my life anymore and that I really could let go. Between that and a big purge a couple of months ago, I'm down from 5 bookshelves and 2 large storage bins to 4 bookshelves and a little room left over. I'm sure that they are still more books than I could read or re-read in my lifetime, but I don't much care. The books I have now are the ones that I love and/or that I'm really interested in. Honestly, not sure that I'll fold my clothes or hang my closets as she suggests (partly because I'm a visual learner and reading how to do it isn't much help), but I am really looking forward to sorting my papers trying to do it as much as possible like she suggests- i.e. get rid of it ALL! I also previously sorted my clothes mostly according to her method; I already thought my wardrobe was small, but I still got rid of 50+ more items. I'll let you know if it changes, but so far I have yet to miss even one single thing out of the hundreds that I have gotten rid of in the last months.

I want to thank you for the encouraging comments on my last post. I don't like to admit to depression (who does), but it is a part of my life. To be honest, while I hate going through it, it is a part of who I am, and not always or even mostly in a bad way. I have learned a lot from it, or rather from getting through it.

What are you up to today? I hope you are enjoying whatever weather comes your way today!

Friday, January 29, 2016

When You Don't Know What to Say

I've been thinking that I should write a blog post. Every once in a while, I almost do it, but then I don't. I think it's safe to say that I am well and truly out of the blog writing groove.

Today I'm hungry, so I think that's why I'm writing. I just have to whine a bit. Since when am I not hungry, right? The story is that I feel like I'm letting the inflammation get out ahead of me again a little bit. This time of year, that's not quite as bad as it could be (except for one thing, which I'll explain as soon as I'm done complaining), but I have got to get it under control before the pollen comes back. It is so hard to keep managed with pollen that I would rather have things a little better before then. And so, no sugar. Sheesh! I don't eat tons of sugar anyway, compared to a lot of people, but I do eat it, and my body does NOT process it well. Bye, bye sugar, and since I can't eat wheat or dairy or most nuts, that leaves vegetables and meats. But not ham, bacon, or deli meats, as they all have added sugar. Yeah. I am working to find the ways to add fats and proteins to my meals. I cut back on the sugar before now to try to make the transition a little easier (and it has been, but it's still surprising). For two weeks, I'm even cutting out fruit. I normally don't, but I'm just trying to get my body to settle down from all the sugar. Although, a lot of the vegetables that I'm eating (onions, carrots) still have a lot of sugar. But whatever, you have to eat something.

During this time, I am also cutting back my workout intensities. I don't want to get to the high intensities that cause a greater sugar burn that I'm not replacing readily. Also, burning fewer calories just sounded like a good idea. PLUS, if I'm trying to knock down inflammation, it's good to create less stress for the body. Not to mention that currently there are a lot of sick people around and high intensity exercise can decrease your immune response. And it's and good time to work on my pedal stroke. In other words, it's a good idea that I'm committed to, but I don't like it at all. Just for 2 weeks, though. I'm sure I'll survive.

One of the reasons that I have not written much- or rather, haven't published much- is that I have been dealing with some depression recently. There are a lot of reasons for this, and inflammation never helps. (In fact, one of my biggest problems with wheat is that I will have increased depression/anxiety symptoms- which sounds crazy even to me, and I'm experiencing it!) The fact that I am mentioning it now means that it is significantly less. Since I am feeling less overwhelmed, I am ready to tackle the components that I can. There are still other things that I can't control, but every little bit helps.

Okay, is this the most boring post ever, or just close to it? I will say that I am really excited about some ideas of mine for work are moving from a theoretical stage to actually happening. I don't know where it will lead, but I'm extremely excited about going after it. (So sorry that the nature of this blog keeps me from being more specific!) I'm also very excited for someone I know that her husband, who was pretty much on his deathbed from cancer a couple of months ago just got a scan back that 98% of his cancer has cleared. They don't know why, but they are going to celebrate!

The plan is to try to think about writing something that's a little less stream of consciousness, but I had to start somewhere.