Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crickets and Spam

That's either a really bad idea for menu planning, or it's all that's been going on at this blog for the last.... Well, who knows how long? Seriously, how is everyone? I miss you! I know, I know, I have a funny way of showing it.

I am continuing with the reading and the studying and the thinking, and the hopefully moving towards looking at some different ways to do my job. I'm tired of waiting for people to hurt so badly that they can't move when there's so much that can be done sooner. Want to know a funny story? I wasn't quite sure what direction to head next with my little endeavor, so it was one of my intentions for the St. Therese novena. No, I didn't get any flowers (I never do), but I did receive an email from a friend of mine on October 1st. She is very much in the business world, she has no idea that I'm working on this, though she has told me several times that I should, and she sent me a bulleted list of things that I should be working on. That's the way I like my answered prayers about what to do, clearly written in an email!

Other things... Honestly, unless you want to talk about how to fix tightness through the entire posterior chain (calves, hamstrings, etc), I'm kind of boring to talk to these days. I guess there are a few little things going on. For example, I went to a friend's yoga class the other day. Now, I think yoga as an exercise has some really good points, but I haven't really had to deal with the spiritual side of it. My friend was teaching it, and she has always avoided spirituality stuff in the past. However, she brought a little of it up this time. I'm really not at all comfortable with that. On the other hand, it led to us getting together for a hike, and since I hadn't really seen her in over a year, that was nice. Does anyone else have much experience with yoga?

Let's see, I got to do a great hike yesterday. Also got to catch up some with people I haven't seen in a long time, and we were hiking on the sunny side of the mountain, only to come to a ridge and realize that down below on the other side was socked in with clouds/fog. I will never get tired of hanging out above the clouds!  It doesn't happen often, but it's amazing.  I also got to climb with a couple of people today that I haven't seen in months. (Do we see a trend here? See, it's not just you that I'm neglecting, though these missed connections are not entirely my fault, either.) Anyway, I haven't been on the rock much, but I had just read a book about climbing that especially focused on some of the mental issues of climbing. I don't remember everything, but what was great was that I spent the day on the rock, rather than in my head.  What I mean is, I was able to focus on the move that I was doing, rather than whether I was climbing to some invisible standard in my head, or whether I would make it to the top, or how uncomfortable I felt. It was just about trying and testing things on the rock and it felt great!

Beyond that, the asthma is a pain in the butt, and it has been limiting some of my workouts. Other times, it has been letting me do more than I expected. It doesn't help that I happened to notice that the medication that I was taking can potentially increase anxiety and depression. I didn't think it was affecting me, but I was feeling pretty down about some things and decided that I didn't need anything helping that along. Wouldn't you know, a couple days later I was feeling a lot less depressed and the increase of nose snottiness wasn't too bad, so the meds are on hold for the moment. Ha! That's why there hasn't been much on the blog these days! How bored are you right now??

I am seriously thinking that the quality of this post leaves much to be desired, but I'm going to close my eyes and hit publish anyway. If not this, it may be months before another post may come along!


  1. It's always nice to hear an update, even if there's not much to it. Loved reading about what's going on in your world right now. :)

  2. I tried a fertility-focused yoga (on DVD) for a while. Of all the things I've tried, I think I hated it the most; yoga, even just as exercise, is not for me.

    I'm glad that you've started seeing friends more often, and that you've figured out that the side effects of one of your meds might not be worth the trade off. It's good hearing from you again!

  3. Missed you! And bleh, I don't like when yoga gets all woo-woo. I really just want to relax and stretch, not try for a metaphysical awakening :)

  4. I have done yoga pretty regularly in the past. I love it for the stretching and relaxation elements. The stretches and moves are everything I've learned in every fitness class, from every chiropractor and PT who ever grilled me... So I figured it was the ideal set of movements to keep ones body fit and loose.
    Then a friend warned me about the spiritual dangers, and I took it with a grain of salt. I see myself as someone who can ignore the woo woo

    1. (Thanks Nicole!) and just focus on the exercise.
      But then, the deeper I grew in faith, the more noticeable the woo woo, buddist influences became to me. Or, in hindsight, more secular folks are turning that way as our society drifts away from Christianity. Have you noticed how more people are wearing those prayer beads, and they're all over the place as jewelry now?
      Anyway, so I've separated myself from yoga now. Mostly I don't want to be associated with endorsing it.
      I've learned about Pietra Fitness, an alternative to yoga... And ordered a DVD but I have t gone through a whole class yet. But I am thinking about becoming a Pietra instructor when they start offering teacher training.

      Sorry for the book, but that's my yoga journey.