Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Friday Eve!

Did this week go really fast, or was that just me? Tomorrow's looking a little crazy, but it's Friday, so I just have to get through it and weekend will be waiting on the other said. I'm going to do this Quick Takes-ish because I don't want to wait until tomorrow. (Because all my computer time will be sucked up by boring paperwork is why.) I'm not going to worry about numbers, let's just see what happens!

1) I started some new continuing education. It's a little different than some that I've done in that it's not technically continuing ed. That is, it's not official enough for me to count it towards my hours, but I'm doing okay in that regard, so I'm not too worried. It is very important for the direction that I want to go right now. Good news is that I have to practice it on myself first. I'm getting some awesome stretching and movement in!

2) My package of materials for the "class" came yesterday, and it was very exciting on a lot of levels.
     -New books to read! (And learning)
     -New equipment that is not necessary for the stretching, but helps.
     -Some of the new equipment was purple!
     -Also, bubble wrap

3) Apparently I have a thing for purple. I've probably talked about this before. I know I'm drawn to it, but while I was out climbing today, I noticed that I was wearing a purple shirt, pulling things out of my purplish backpack, trading my hiking shoes with purple accents to my climbing shoes- also purple. I might have a purple problem! Except that it's purple, so how could that possibly be a problem? Yes, my harness also has purple, but it kind of doesn't count, because it's not the GOOD purple. Oh, hey! I have photographic evidence of this issue. It's from a different day, but same shirt (good purple). You can't really see the shoes, but trust me on this one.

4) There is a small possibility that a friend might be stopping through tomorrow night on her way out of town. This is awesome, but I did NOT get my house as clean as I would like today. She doesn't care. Her husband, however, is German. Order and efficiency, people! Not that he would ever make a big deal because he's a nice guy. He probably wouldn't even really care, because he's more concerned about his own house rather than someone else's. It's me. I care. Not enough to make it perfect, but I would like it a little better. I think that I would have heard by now if they were actually coming, so I doubt it will matter. Still maybe it will motivate me to do some straightening tomorrow morning before I leave for work, just in case. Wouldn't hurt my feelings to have the house somewhat straightened going into the weekend!

5) It is really amazing what a few days, some fermented stuff, some bone broth and minimal sugar can do for a person. I don't know exactly how it all fits, but I can tell you that allergens are high, air is smoky, and I can still breathe. It's a wonderful thing. I went from inflammation and all kinds of crazy to things are feeling pretty good. It's weird to me that I did not have to use my inhaler as much this week, because usually the smoke will get me no matter how good I'm being. I'm not complaining, mind you! I'm just trying to figure out if I'm doing something really right that I'll want to replicate, or whether it's a really fantastic fluke.

6) Okay a couple of quick prayer requests. One is for my brother and SIL. They are expecting twins, awesome! The twins are already trying to give their parents gray hair by attempting to come WAY early. They are old enough and big enough that if they come, the NICU will take them, so that is a big plus. However, if they can stay put for another 1-3 months, it would be a far, far better thing, and obviously they would have a much better chance. Last I heard things had calmed down a bit, but it's still a day to day waiting game. (Now that I think about it, as B. is obviously on bed rest now for the next few months, I wanted to send her a care package. Any ideas of what to include? Honestly, I don't know her well enough to know a lot of specifics. I was going to mainly focus on an Amazon gift card so she could get books or movies of her choice, but any other thoughts?)

My other prayer request is work. I'm really excited about some things that I want to try, but I'm running into a some small roadblocks (honestly, mostly mental ones and thinking I'm a little nuts and can it really work?) I'm not sure exactly where to go next, but I really don't want to fizzle out for the most stupid reason of all, which would be not trying.

Okay, doing anything fun this weekend? Because it almost is weekend! (And two whole posts in just one week! On fire over here, people! But not like the West Coast, thankfully.)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Be Who God Made You to Be

I really wasn't going to go so long in between blogging, but in case you haven't noticed, I've become a terrible blogger lately! However, it is perfectly acceptable to go through phases and even move away from blogging. I don't want to move away from blogging, so I'm just calling this a phase, and there are reasons for it. They are mostly work related, but in a really fun way, so it's all good.

Really quickly, here's the run down. I've been busy at work, I've been working on some stuff that I can't NOT work on outside of work but it's for work (and for me, too). Thankfully, I've been busy at work, and because I get paid according to billable hours, that helps the bottom line. But I've also been behind on paperwork most days, so I'm doing that when I get home or in the mornings (hello and goodbye blogging time). Because I'm tired after work, I just want to zone out, which I do while cooking only processed foods and then not going to bed early enough. And here comes the inflammation. No shock there. Oh, yeah! And I also blame vacation. Okay, I think that's it for my excuses. Before I continue, let me just say thank you for your great comments on my last post! I didn't get a chance to respond much (see above excuses), but I really thought you had some great suggestions. I'm going to make more of a point to do a few small things. Because small things are way better than nothing!

Today I am taking some time to blog (because I love it and I miss it! Which really means that I miss you all, because that's what blogging is really all about) while I drink kombucha (away with you, inflammation!) after getting plenty of sleep last night. Actually, this is the first time I've tried kombucha. Started with a lemon ginger raspberry flavor, and it's quite tasty. It's amazing how all of the things that are getting me out of balance with the time are also making me get more inflamed again. My asthma's been a little worse, my weight has been up, and I've been a little more fatigued. In only a couple of days of getting more particular about what I'm eating again, I'm starting to see the weight go down. I think it's progress that I'm listening to some of the signs before my asthma is limiting me and before I start to react to lots of different foods.

Anyway, let's talk a tiny bit about work, eh? I've been thinking a lot about the quote "Be who God made you to be, and you will set the world on fire." My sister tells me that St. Theresa said that. I love that whole idea. We are all different, and when we pursue things in our lives that we are truly passionate about, it is infectious. I've been doing a lot of reading and studying lately. Some of it is specifically about job related things, and other parts are a little more outside of that. For example, I've been studying some sales related things. I hate marketing and don't really want much to do with that, but here's my issue. By looking at the way that a person is standing and moving, I can see things that are contributing to their overall mobility problems. I can see why they're falling apart, and it's NOT because of age! However, trying to get someone to see what I see is not so easy. Just because I know things that will make a big difference for me, it does no good if I can't get them to understand why they're doing it. A friend suggested that I learn some sales strategies, and I think she has a point. It's really more about teaching than sales, but there are similarities all around.

I've also been reading some things about ways to think outside the box about what you want to do with your life; create your job on your terms. Sounds a little over the top to me in a way, but I love the way that it encourages people to really look into what does and doesn't work for them so that you can be spending your day doing what you love rather than just punching the clock. Personally, I am fortunate enough to do a job that I do really love, but there are things that still suck my energy and make me wish I could chuck it all and go live in the woods. This is giving me some ideas of ways to think outside the box and expand on the things that I really love and possibly minimize some of the other parts. Because it allows me to really explore my favorite things about what I do, I actually find myself spending time outside of work trying to grow and explore new ideas. I do it because it's fun, not because I should in order to be better. Hopefully I can find some ways to make that pay off in terms of dollars and cents, but it is making me better at what I do and giving me new ways to help my patients, so it's beneficial no matter what.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I don't have a lot to say today. Frankly, I haven't watched all of the videos going around about Planned Parenthood right now. I'm not sure that I can. I realized that I feel completely sick about what is going on, but I am also sick of myself, because I'm sitting on the sidelines in horror, but I'm not doing anything. Not one thing.

I did watch a video (edited) by someone that was speaking in favor of Planned Parenthood. It was interesting in the double speak that has to happen.  She essentially said that it wasn't happening, but then she said it was done with consent (certainly not the babies' consent!) and better to do research than just throw the babies in the garbage. I don't understand the need to say that someone is lying because it's not happening, but also justify what's happening. Not a lot of logical consistency there.

Anyway, I know that's vague and random, but that's what I do. I pick apart someone else rather than speaking up myself. I guess all I have to say is that this is evil. It seems like there is a madness going on all around, and the logical consequences of our sins as nation are coming to light. You can't argue that babies are only a blob of tissue and then be surprised or object if that child is then used for profit and research. We also can't dehumanize the most vulnerable among us without becoming less human ourselves. I don't know if I'll find anything that I can actually do in all of this, but I will be going to Mass tomorrow.