Friday, July 31, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I was thinking that today seemed like a Quick Takes sort of a day, and I thought, "too bad it's not Friday". Only then I realized that it was Friday, and I should go ahead with a post, even if it is late on a Friday.

2) My head is all screwy on days of the week right now because my sisters and I just got back from a ridiculous road trip. We started out with a plan, and then right before we left, all of our plans fell apart. Plan B was to start driving and see what happens. It was pretty amazing, but it was a LOT of time in the car. Re-entry is a little rough on me. I don't know quite what to do with myself at home. There's a lot to do, but I'm doing very little of it, though I have already started to sort pictures. Part of my problem is it was nice to have my sisters around, and now the house is awfully quiet. But then again, we were getting on each other's nerves enough by the end of all that quality time that it's not bad that it's over!  We still like each other (I think) but it might have been borderline if the trip had lasted much longer.

3) My plan was to do laundry today. That didn't happen. Neither did the trip to the bank. Tomorrow's another day, I guess. I did spend some time watching the feed here. Bears on a live webcam at a river in Alaska. We watched a mama with cubs go fishing while the cubs were feeding and playing on the bank. Then there were the bears that were hanging out fishing. Sometimes they don't move a whole lot, but then one will go after a fish or they'll have a little spat about fishing spots. We've seen as many as seven bears at a time. Sometimes you can see the salmon jumping, and once I saw a bear eating its fish, and then the seagulls moving in for the leftovers. It's addicting, so you've been warned. I know we've all seen it on much better edited nature shows before, but there's something different about watching the real thing happening without the editing. Though I have wondered a couple of times why I can't stop staring at a bunch of bears that are hanging out and scanning the water and not doing much else. (But then they do! And it's exciting!)

4) I'm kind of freaked out right now. I've been seeing some suspicious looking spider webs outside my house, and was thinking that was too close. Then I saw one go running across my floor today, all shiny and black. I don't know for sure, but it seems like black widows. My landlords and I will be having a chat about the exterminator's visit tomorrow. I don't like have poison sprayed around, but I'm pretty sure it's better than getting bit by something poisonous!

5) What's going on with you all? I'm starting to work through getting caught up with everyone, but it will take me a bit and I probably won't be able to comment as much as usual. But seriously, tell me what I missed! Are you doing anything fun this weekend (besides watching the bears, because I know you want to.)

6) One thing I did manage to do today was to go to the gym. That was a rude awakening. After a week in the car, it was hard to push it like that again!

7) Okay, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm out. Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Kelly's for more Quick Takes!


  1. No lie, we watch the bears and the walrus cam ALL the time. And I feel the same way, you wonder why you still bother then something amazing happens. I really hope the spider situation resolves itself because I am flipping out on behalf of you. And I am going on a mini road trip this weekend with my best friend. My first girls weekend... ever. :)

  2. I'm so glad you all went ahead with the road trip. I love a good no-plans road trip! I am even more glad that you still like each other. :)
    I have never watched those animal cams. Mostly because I just can't risk getting addicted to it.
    OOOOOOOHHH, I really, really hope the spider situation gets resolved right quick, with or without poison.

  3. A road trip with sisters sounds amazing!!! I can understand it being tough to get back to day to day life though.

  4. A road trip with sisters sounds amazing!!! I can understand it being tough to get back to day to day life though.

  5. The road trip sounds like fun! I know what you mean by lots to do and not getting stuff done I am there too. I would love to see some of your road trip pics once you've picked your faves. Thanks for the recommendation to watch the bears I am sure JJ and I will become addicted :)

  6. Way too much going on here... I'll get back to writing, just not today! Glad you had a good trip. :)

  7. I do not like spiders!!!! Are there other options to killing this stuff without an exterminator? If so I would like to know because we are now living in a place where these black widows are common :(

    1. Just found this: