Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No Motivation

I am in a funk. Oh, baby. And everyone around me is in the same one. We've barely seen the sun in several weeks, and we are a bunch of spoiled brats that lose our minds if we haven't seen the sun in 3 days. My basement has over a foot of water in it right now, so there is no heat, and no hot water. No one can come to fix it until the water is gone. You might think this is no big deal, because you live in a place where you're hot right now, but it's 40's and damp here, maybe highs in the 50's, so my house doesn't warm up much right now.

I am finding that even though I don't really have to do anything to fix the basement (my landlords are great), I am still getting nothing done. It makes no sense, because the basement is unfinished and I don't really ever go down there. But I blame the fact that I'm cold. And the funk from lack of sun and outdoors. SOMEBODY TURN OFF THE FAUCET SO I CAN GO OUTSIDE BEFORE I LOSE WHAT LITTLE IS LEFT OF MY MIND!!!

I bought a bike just before this all started, so it's mostly been hanging out unused. I can't hike, and my weight is  creeping up. Not bad, but I saw some numbers on the scale that I haven't seen in almost 2 years, and I was not happy about it. I'm actually eating less than I typically do, but I think I'm also eating too much sugar. I blame the clouds and the never ending dripping.

Have I mentioned that roads and trails are washing away? Stop the madness!

It is confirmed. I can never move to Seattle. (I am considering a visit, however, because I guess they are currently having beautiful sunny weather.)

I know, I know I shouldn't be complaining because we often have amazing weather. I have tried to hold it in, I really have, but it's reached a point to all come bubbling out; kind of like the miniature springs of water that I have in my basement.

Deep breaths.

Okay, my equilibrium will return when the sun does, but for now there are clouds, so let's play Pollyanna and talk about the silver linings.

One: I was so bored being stuck inside so much that I finally signed up for Insta.gram*. I love it more than I should. I started following a bunch of climbing and cycling feeds, and some of those pictures are just insane and make me happy to see them. I also have started following a few bloggers, but I'm not that good about knowing who's on there, so if you are, let me know. I'll follow you!

Two: There is water in my basement, but it is only ground water. It's clean and clear, which is something that I was very grateful for as I was wading around in it yesterday to clean out everything that I had stored down there. Most of it went to the trash. It was a little sad to see some if it go, but thankfully I didn't keep anything too important down there.

Three: I discovered something about myself. There was one box that I didn't know was down there. It had some photos in frames, and I was sad to see them destroyed. Most were digitally backed up, but one was a framed collage a friend had given me from an epic hike we did, one of my first really big mountains from before I moved out here. It was kind of hard putting those photos in the trash, but the way the backs were already molding, I had no choice. However, even though I can be very sentimental, I realized I wasn't as sad as I could be. I like to hold onto those things because they represent things that are important to me, but what I realized is that the things didn't matter as much as I thought. Those people and experiences are a part of me. Losing those things doesn't change that.

Four: I am guilty of taking our normal wonderful weather for granted. I think I will appreciate it so much more!

Five: Most of the stuff in my basement was just extra stuff that I didn't really need. It felt really good to get rid of that, especially the microwave.

I'm sure I could find more, but my break is over for the moment. I am excited to have 4 of the next 7 days off, and while all of them have rain forecast, at least some of them may allow a little outdoor time. Maybe? We can only hope and pray.

*Warning! I'm so late signing up for things that often by the time I get on board, things are on their way out. If In.stagram dies, it's probably my fault.


  1. Sorry it's been a rough go lately. Ugh! Sending hugs and hoping for better weather for you soon! Also, I'm on insta! @stephschweitz :)

  2. I'm not on Instagram... at least not yet. Pinterest on the other hand....

    You also can't move to Western Pa; we have at least as many gray days as Seattle. There are definitely times it drives me batty! And cold and damp are so de-energizing. I hope the weather clears up soon!

  3. Yeah, these are all legitimate reasons to be in a funk. Having a cold house and then having to take a cold shower?? That is bordering on torture. No sun doesn't help. Good for you, looking for the good spots.
    Instagram is so much fun! I'm @inthecoop. What is your user name?

    Here's to you being able to get out on that bike very soon!

  4. Man I hear you!! 2 April's ago we got A LOT of water in our basement and had to toss a lot of stuff. It was a pain and some of it was kind of sad. (Plus the useful stuff that was just stored down there like, the Christmas tree and decorations and such.) Let us all hope that it warms up and the sun shines!!

  5. I knoooooooow. I miss the sun so much. I normally love the rain, but I guess I didn't realize that part of the reason I love it so much is that it doesn't tend to stick around long enough to get sick of it. And usually we get enough of a break and sunshine for things to dry out between rain showers. I'm sure we'll be grateful for it later this summer if we avoid any major fires (fingers crossed), but still. It's just a bit much. (And it doesn't help that I'm going to Kansas this weekend where the forecast is, you guessed it, rain.) We really are spoiled here. (Oh, and I'm @susa_lyn.)

  6. This winter was a real struggle for me and I realized it was because I couldn't get out to bike or run for months, something I had never dealt with before. And I just felt so gross, so I can totally relate. You can find me @lauraamike. Insta is my favorite because it's less cluttered, but lots of beauty.

  7. This winter was a real struggle for me and I realized it was because I couldn't get out to bike or run for months, something I had never dealt with before. And I just felt so gross, so I can totally relate. You can find me @lauraamike. Insta is my favorite because it's less cluttered, but lots of beauty.

  8. Yikes! We used to live in a place with flooding basements! We invited everyone over on FB for either a pool party or baptisms... Nobody came :( j/k

    Sorry to hear about the funk. Sending hugs! ps. you always have a room if you want to visit HOT DRY Mexico... :)

  9. yikes, flooding basements sound awful. And no heat. I would be a complete mess, it sounds like you are coping relatively well. Hope you enjoy your days off.

  10. Ugh, gloomy weather always makes me feel blah, too...but add being COLD on top of that? I think I would go into hibernation! Hot water totally restores the soul, I'm pretty sure! Hope the sun comes out soon for you!!

  11. Oh, the weather is depressing!! I keep saying to myself (and whoever will listen) that it is the end of May (almost) and we have NOT had a spring to speak of, unless you count the few glorious weeks in March(!!?!).
    We bought a bike for this year and March was the last time we used it.
    I sure hope you can get WARM again!!
    And - you're waaaayyyyyy ahead of me, as I still am not on Instagram, so if *I* ever join that will be quite the day. LOL :)

  12. You are definitely ahead of me as you have a smart phone. I tried to get on insta*gram a few years ago but then got off because of the privacy policy changes. Also it doesn't make sense if I don't have a smartphone to be on it. I hope you get good weather soon! We have had partly cloudy and cloudy days the last couple weeks and it's been glorious, I always feel more energized when it's colder here because it's always so warm and usually dry! I hope you get to go outside and do lots of fun things soon :)

  13. I'm with you on the lack of sunshine. More rain days than I've ever seen in 13 years in Colorado. I moved here for the sun! I live on the top floor so no direct flooding issues for me. Very glad for the last three sunny days in Denver. Though I heard thunder just as I'm typing this.
    Hope things get better soon.
    I'll look for you on insta.