Friday, April 17, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) This is such a weird morning for me, and it's been kind of a weird and long week. I feel like I need to get ready for work, but I don't because I'm going to a conference. If the weather allows. And if I get my packing done. I hope it'll be good. The topic that I'm going for is one that I'm really interested in learning more, but I'm a little nervous because a brief glance at the handouts that I printed out look like stuff that even I know. So we'll see. From what I hear, the presenter is pretty good, so I'll go ahead and assume that he does a bare bones power point and gives us the real info at the talk. Hopefully?

2) I am way behind in blog reading, but I'm really okay with that. I kind of like knowing that when I have a few minutes to sit down and relax, I'll have plenty to read. I'm starting to catch up a little, but this weekend will probably put me behind again.

3) I think the presentation that I helped with this week went well, and it was actually pretty fun. It totally wore me out, but it was worth it. Hopefully it will also help us to get some of the best kind of business (the fix things before they get totally out of hand kind; so much more fun and generally much easier than the I can't move anymore, so I guess I'll try PT kind).

4) If you're interested in a short read about movement and how to use your feet (and thus the rest of your body) better, this is a great book for that! It has a lot of exercises for your feet (with pictures) and some great explanations of how the feet affect your overall movement health. Don't be scared off by "barefoot" in the title. It doesn't mean that you have to walk around barefoot all the time or wear 5 finger shoes (unless you want to; in which case it will help you get to that point safely). It will explain why are feet could be doing so much more than what we ask of them, and it will make you think about your shoe choices going forward. Those are good things.

5) I may have bragged on fb that I haven't been nearly as bad with my hunger lately, and then a mere hours later had a total meltdown because I got too hungry. Seriously! I know that moms should never brag about how well their kids are sleeping on the internet, but I didn't think that would be a problem.

6) Can you tell that my brain is beyond fried from this week? How am I going to make 3 days of sitting in classes? Should be interesting.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Head on over to Kelly's for more Quick Takes.

Perhaps the first time I've gotten a photo of the moon that wasn't just a bright, blurry blob.


  1. Beautiful moon shot! That is really hard to do!
    Glad your presentation went well. I hope you find this weekend to be informational and entertaining.

  2. I hope the conference goes well and that it's not too basic!

  3. Your advice about feet intrigues me, maybe I'll get that book.
    We had an exchange before, about my foot issues... So I want to know what you think... I'm considering getting a pair of these because I have a generous promo code thanks to a friend of an employee there...
    And I tried a pair during a workout this week, and they were nice, comfy, but not as structured as I'm used to for athletic shoes.
    Have you had experience or recommendations going to less structured workout shoes, with foot problems in mind? I don't want to regret it!
    I'm honestly not promoting the shoes, but since I mentioned them, I feel I should offer the promo code, good til May 31.... AJ50

    1. I LOVE my Vivobarefoot Trail Freaks! Seriously love those shoes more than is proper for a pair of shoes. However, I was a lot less excited about some of their shoes with leather uppers. Didn't allow the flexibility that I really like. Thanks so much for sharing the code, because I could really use some other shoes as well!

      As to you getting them with your foot problems; I think it could be a really great thing in the long run, but you have to transition properly. For that I highly, highly recommend the book. I was about 4-6 months of stretching and prep before I got my first pair of minimalist shoes. With your history, especially, you could give yourself more pain and injury if you don't get your feet ready for a new experience of being able to handle the new work of doing more. Jumping straight into minimalist shoes without prep would be a little like deciding to get off your couch and run a marathon with no in between.

    2. Thank you for this response. Much of my foot pain is gone, or controlled at this point. I was even able to wear 3 inch heels to mass today without pain. Squee!
      Last summer I transitioned to a pair of Chaco sandals, which were fatiguing at first, but now I can wear them without aching. I'm barefoot most of the time at home, which I couldn't do a year ago. So I think with some exercises, I may be ready to transition... At least for working out.
      If I can only get one pair, I'm tempted to get the trail

    3. Freaks, and use them for both gym time and hiking... While keeping my old hikers available for when more support is needed. Thoughts?
      Maybe I should contact you via email for these specific questions?

    4. Email is always good for questions. I think you have a good plan and that you can keep moving forward to less foot pain. Definitely keep going with the foot stretches and exercises, but if you're anything like me, you'll get to the point where you'll love them too much to wear other things! :)

  4. I'm glad to hear your presentation went well! Good job. I hope the conference is helpful. And you learn something new. I have a presentation this upcoming week, that I need to prepare for.

  5. Yay for your presentation going well! And girl do I hear you about being behind on blog reading. I feel like I'm never going to catch up!