Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sorta Snowed In

I have lived in about a 2 mile radius (maybe less) for the last week or so. I'm getting kind of stir crazy. I have been out, and I do go to the gym, but sitting at home most of the weekend does NOT work for me. I need to be OUTSIDE. Except that it's really cold outside right now, and the roads are not good.

Thursday I wanted to go for a hike, but the weather was not cooperating. So I went to the gym instead, even though that meant working out by myself. No class, nobody to talk to, just me sweating it out inside 4 walls, legs moving, and yet staying in one place. Yuck!  I had a terrible attitude and hid in a dark corner and did my workout with a bad mood the whole time. Then I got done and the endorphins kicked in, and I was glad that I made myself go.

Anyway, the point of this is not to tell you how bad I have it. Because I certainly don't have it bad at all, it's just that all of this extra time as left me with too much time to think and too much quiet. One thing that it has had me thinking about is professionally where I am and where do I want to be? I think I may still be in the right place for me, but I have some questions that I've had to explore a little bit. It's also been forcing me to look at where I am spiritually. I have to tell you that there's something missing there, and I'm not even entirely sure what that is, but there's something a little off. Thursday I did make it to daily Mass, and the Gospel was about "Ask and you shall receive, etc" and I thought about how I don't even know what to ask for right now.

I also feel like I'm a little off this Lent. I purposely didn't do my usual Lenten sacrifices because as I was thinking (and even praying about it a little bit!), they didn't seem right. I do feel like I'm doing sort of the right things, though I do question if I'm missing something.  Anyway, this is all where I am right now. I sat down a couple of times to try to get started on the next post for movement, but this whole "at loose ends" thing kept getting in the way.

Anyway, prayer buddy that I'm praying for, know that I'm praying for you in the midst of this, even if it's not perfect. Prayer buddy that's praying for me, I would love if you could pray for me to be open to wherever I should be going professionally and spiritually.

And since I'm bored with too much time on my hands, please tell me, how's your week going? How's Lent? What's working for you? What isn't working for you?  I'd love to know! Also, I should have another movement post up by tomorrow, I would think.


  1. Do y'all have an Adoration Chapel? Sometimes it's good to go in and just sit. Don't take anything in with you, don't pick up anything on your way it...just sit. Some of my best times in the Chapel have been when I did that.

  2. it's very tough to have too much time on your hands. I've been feeling spiritually off for a while, kind of like I need to go on a retreat. I don't think That will be able to happen though until the fall. hope God uses this time to open new doors.

  3. Extra time on your hands can be a dangerous thing! I'm sorry you're feeling unsettled :(