Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what I realized this year? I don't dislike Valentine's Day. There have been years where I would have said that I hated it, but in recent years I have been a lot more ambivalent about it. Now? I realize that it is a very good thing, and that I like it. I don't always like the feeling of having it rubbed in my face that I'm single (TOTALLY my own issue and not that anyone is purposely trying to do that). Nor do I like the idea that in order to be a good Valentine, someone has to buy roses, chocolate, and dinner. Too cliche and boring for me. But I do like the idea of celebrating love. Romantic love first, as it is a wonderful thing and SHOULD be celebrated! Especially those of you that are married and have been for a while. That is a wonderful thing, and any excuse to celebrate it is great. That doesn't mean that you have to go all out, just celebrate the fact that the two of you are, whatever that means to you.

However, I do also want to argue that maybe all the kids have it right, handing out Valentine's to everyone in their class. It is also a day to celebrate all different kinds of love and the people in our lives that mean something because they are there. This simple little post is my celebration of you all reading this! Have a wonderful Valentine's!


  1. I agree! Roses and chocolate are a little too cliché. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  2. Happy Valentines Day!!
    To me, excess is HUGE stuffed bears / animals exchanged in the name of love. Just where do you put them when the day is over?? (I'm wayyyy to practical.)

  3. You're so right! I've never been much of a fan of Valentine's Day, though.

  4. Seeing Facebook posts this weekend of the little kiddos and their valentines, i couldnt agree more. Valentines day was way more fun as kids and wasnt so loaded with sometimes unrealistic expectations.