Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sorta Snowed In

I have lived in about a 2 mile radius (maybe less) for the last week or so. I'm getting kind of stir crazy. I have been out, and I do go to the gym, but sitting at home most of the weekend does NOT work for me. I need to be OUTSIDE. Except that it's really cold outside right now, and the roads are not good.

Thursday I wanted to go for a hike, but the weather was not cooperating. So I went to the gym instead, even though that meant working out by myself. No class, nobody to talk to, just me sweating it out inside 4 walls, legs moving, and yet staying in one place. Yuck!  I had a terrible attitude and hid in a dark corner and did my workout with a bad mood the whole time. Then I got done and the endorphins kicked in, and I was glad that I made myself go.

Anyway, the point of this is not to tell you how bad I have it. Because I certainly don't have it bad at all, it's just that all of this extra time as left me with too much time to think and too much quiet. One thing that it has had me thinking about is professionally where I am and where do I want to be? I think I may still be in the right place for me, but I have some questions that I've had to explore a little bit. It's also been forcing me to look at where I am spiritually. I have to tell you that there's something missing there, and I'm not even entirely sure what that is, but there's something a little off. Thursday I did make it to daily Mass, and the Gospel was about "Ask and you shall receive, etc" and I thought about how I don't even know what to ask for right now.

I also feel like I'm a little off this Lent. I purposely didn't do my usual Lenten sacrifices because as I was thinking (and even praying about it a little bit!), they didn't seem right. I do feel like I'm doing sort of the right things, though I do question if I'm missing something.  Anyway, this is all where I am right now. I sat down a couple of times to try to get started on the next post for movement, but this whole "at loose ends" thing kept getting in the way.

Anyway, prayer buddy that I'm praying for, know that I'm praying for you in the midst of this, even if it's not perfect. Prayer buddy that's praying for me, I would love if you could pray for me to be open to wherever I should be going professionally and spiritually.

And since I'm bored with too much time on my hands, please tell me, how's your week going? How's Lent? What's working for you? What isn't working for you?  I'd love to know! Also, I should have another movement post up by tomorrow, I would think.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


If you or someone you love has had to talk to me or read anything I've written in the last few months, you've probably had to put up with me getting overly excited about body mechanics and movement. You are probably entitled to an apology, and if I work up a little contrition for it, I'll get on that. I am a little carried away right now, but it's been so much fun. I have had my own thinking challenged, and it as allowed me to challenge others (specifically my patients). The best part for me is seeing my own nagging injuries improve, as well as seeing patients get better. It really feels good to move better!

The downside to all of this studying is that I can't turn it off. I see people standing or walking, and I want to run up to them and excitedly tell them some simple things that they could do to move better and decrease adaptations that lead to restriction and injury. My dad suggested that I could do a PTWB kind of thing "PT Without Borders", to which I said, "It's more like PT Without Boundaries" and nobody wants that! It's kind of frustrating to see some simple fixes that people aren't doing, and knowing some of the problems they are creating for themselves both now and later.

There are several things that are keeping us from moving like we should. The primary one is that we don't know what some of the things are that we could be doing to move better. The second one is that they do take some work. As Chesterton might say, it's not that moving better has been tried and found wanting; it's been found difficult and left untried. Initially, there is work, yes. But in the long run, it opens up opportunities that people don't even know are out there!

All the time I hear, "Well, I reached (whatever age) and I'm just falling apart now" or, "I'm older, so things don't work like they used to." Argh! I think that is a load of crap. Not horse crap, elephant crap. We're talking huge mounds, people! We don't fall apart and stop working well because we get older, we fall apart and stop working well because we move badly, and even though our bodies do a great job of putting up with our poor movement, eventually it catches up with us and injury happens.

One thing that I have noticed in my own personal work that I have been doing is that each of the steps I've taken has led me to be a little more grounded, often in some very literal ways. I'm thinking that's what I want to do for Lent, is to keep working on being more grounded physically as well as spiritually. Physically, I think I will give up the chairs in my house for Lent (but I won't be the weirdo that sits on the floor in public). Spiritually, that's going to mean getting more connected with a faith community, and putting a renewed emphasis on daily Mass and confession at least monthly.

Here's the other thought that I've had, though. Is there any chance that any of you are interested in some posts a couple of times a week about different things that you can work on to move better? Like I said, one of the biggest obstacles to moving better is knowing what to do and where to start. I'm more than happy to share some of the more simple things as well as links to other resources if you're interested.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what I realized this year? I don't dislike Valentine's Day. There have been years where I would have said that I hated it, but in recent years I have been a lot more ambivalent about it. Now? I realize that it is a very good thing, and that I like it. I don't always like the feeling of having it rubbed in my face that I'm single (TOTALLY my own issue and not that anyone is purposely trying to do that). Nor do I like the idea that in order to be a good Valentine, someone has to buy roses, chocolate, and dinner. Too cliche and boring for me. But I do like the idea of celebrating love. Romantic love first, as it is a wonderful thing and SHOULD be celebrated! Especially those of you that are married and have been for a while. That is a wonderful thing, and any excuse to celebrate it is great. That doesn't mean that you have to go all out, just celebrate the fact that the two of you are, whatever that means to you.

However, I do also want to argue that maybe all the kids have it right, handing out Valentine's to everyone in their class. It is also a day to celebrate all different kinds of love and the people in our lives that mean something because they are there. This simple little post is my celebration of you all reading this! Have a wonderful Valentine's!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ahh, Thursday

How is your week going? My sister is not loving this week. She said today feels like the fourth Monday of the week, and she's ready for it to be over. I've had a great week. Not perfect, but at the moment I am enjoying having a chance to sit down and chat with you, and nothing that is absolutely begging for attention.

Budgeting is still going well. I just made it through my first 2 week pay cycle on the budget and I love it. I adjusted some things along the way, but in the end, I have $0 overspent. I did spend more on continuing education than I wanted to in the last couple of weeks, but it's for a conference that's important for me to attend for several reasons, so it's one I had already worked into the budget when I first set it up. I love being able to see what I have, and if I need to make an adjustment, I love the feeling of knowing exactly where it's coming from so that I can make an reasonable judgement about whether it's a good decision. I can't tell you how beneficial it is for me to have it all divided up into categories instead of looking at one pot of so many dollars and trying to figure out if I have enough for a certain thing that I may be spending money on.  Love it! I'm such a nerd that I'm excited for pay day tomorrow so that I can do some more budgeting, and figuring out how to make my money work best for me.

Yesterday was kind of fun, too. I was able to challenge several people with some different thoughts about how we move and what some of the best ways of movement are. I was also able to study some things that challenged me. I love those kinds of days! I actually read one article, and then yelled at my computer for a while. The article was talking about sleeping positions of tribal cultures, and how it helps correct certain musculoskeletal problems. It made a lot of sense, but it was crazy to think that I have spent so much time learning how to treat these problems that people could potentially fix automatically by different sleep patterns!  However, most of these involve sleeping without a mattress, so my job will not be obsolete any time soon, but it's interesting to think about. The article did quote a doctor from Kenya that mentioned that as certain populations got more affluent and adopted more Western ways (think: beds and chairs), they have started to see an increase in hip and knee osteoarthritis. Interesting, no? Also, learned a stretch for people with bunion problems! I was excited about that one, because there are few stretches that people can do for long enough to make them worthwhile, but this one could help.

Then today is Thursday, which is my day off. I was able to get taxes done with only minimal blood and no tears. (Seriously, I got a paper cut that really stung! And, yes, I am a big baby.) I was also able to get several other things done, and it's great to sit here in the evening without huge things hanging over my head. Tomorrow will be busy, but busy is good, and I'm feeling rested and ready. Saturday should hopefully mean cross country skiing, and I can't wait! How's your week going?