Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) It's Friday! I'm excited for Friday, just because. I hopefully should be out on a great hike with friends this weekend (though weather might make the plans change; this is life.) I think I'm also more excited because I feel a little less overwhelmed with life. There's a lot going on, but I'm chugging through, you know?

2) One of the things that I think is helping with feeling less overwhelmed is the whole budgeting thing. I've been at it one week and one day, and it's not like there have been any magic new savings in that time. In fact, I actually had to spend a lot more money than I expected to this week. But it was okay, because I knew exactly what I had, I knew where it was coming from, and I felt like I had control of things. It was a decision that I made weighing all of the reasons for it, I had the money for it, and it was worth it. I kind of like love the feeling of being in control of my money rather than wondering if I'm doing the right thing or if I'm going to put myself in a world of hurt.

3) I should really be in bed by now, but I'm not. If it was just the blog keeping me up, I'd like to think that I would have canned it by now. Instead, I was working on the never ending paperwork that is part of my job. It's done now, and I can not think about it for 2 whole days. I'm finally learning to suck it up and do it the night of. Since I'm a morning person, sometimes I wait to finish the morning after, but then it sucks some of the joy out of a day off. This way, I don't have to do any of it until Monday. It's a great feeling! You know what that means? Maybe I can start on taxes this weekend. Joy!

4) Okay, my paperwork's done, so now I'm getting tired, so I'm just going to skip this one.

5) And maybe this one, because I'm a big huge cheater.

6) I heard an interesting assignment the other day, where people were given an essay where the topic was "If you could talk to a million people what would you tell them?" I think it's a fascinating question, and I want to know what your answer would be.

7) A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to be out for a pretty fantastic sunrise.

Sky's on fire!
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  1. Those are beautiful pictures! It is a good feeling to have finances somewhat in order, isn't it? :)
    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Love the pictures! Paperwork is my nemesis too but I must admit when I get it done right after my client follow ups I feel a lot better. I hope you get to go hiking this weekend :)

  3. That is a GORGEOUS sunrise! And your fourth and fifth takes cracked me up!

  4. Amazing sky. Glad u got your ppwk done, enjoy the weekend.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Yay for budgeting. It makes such a difference to your mental peace even before anything really changes.

    Talking to a million people sounds like a dream come true, as long as I could talk to them all at once instead of individually. I would want to tell them the God loves them and that he wants to have a relationship with them. In fact, he came to earth on a resue mission to make that a possibility. It's like being asked on a date, and we said yes, then didn't open the door when he showed up or we went out with him, but didn't talk to him at all. It'll be the best most important, life changing relationship ever, but we have to get in the relationship to make it work.

    Something like that, that's what I'd say. With the opportunity to influence so many, I'd have to share Christ with them. I don't have much else worth saying to that many people.

  6. Those pictures are breathtaking!

  7. Amazing pictures!
    Hope you are enjoying good hikes.

  8. Wow - that last picture is amazing!!
    I have no clue what I would talk to 1 million people about. Maybe budgeting? That's something I fairly have a clue about. I could be the next Dave Ramsey and make millions of dollars. :-) Well, I could if everyone paid $1 to hear me speak. Haha!!