Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Shortest Day of the Year!

Y'all, I am so excited by the fact that it's the shortest day of the year.  I am celebrating hard. Okay, I'm sitting on my couch and watching a movie, but that's pretty awesome. I have that great feeling of being tired from a lot of activity in the last couple of weeks, and that makes it very exciting to be sitting here. I know that there are not a lot of people still reading blogs with Christmas this close, and I get that. This would definitely be a post to skip if you're busy, as it is merely lazy day ramblings.

I am watching "The Dark Knight". I like the occasional super hero movie, but this is maybe a little darker than my taste. That's okay though, I'm not watching it for me. I'm watching this because my brother wanted me to see it. I think movies are his love language, and I'm good with that. It's kind of interesting to watch some stuff that is outside my normal taste. The thing that's extra awesome about my brother, though, is that the movies that he chose are not just action movies that would be appealing to him (though he's a teenage male, so of course that's part of it) but he chose them because he thinks that they have things to think about and discuss. One of the shows that he actually really wanted me to watch was "The Truman Show". Just saying, it's not only about things blowing up.

Anyway, I've seen "The Truman Show" before, but I have never seen "The Dark Knight" or "Gran Torino". I'm watching them today on my lazy, short Sunday before I (hopefully) go see him and the rest of the family later this week.

Changing the subject, I have a quick and possibly silly prayer request if you have a minute in the midst of the holidays. The stomach bug just hit my parents' house. There are 5 of them there right now, so they could easily still be spreading this bug by Christmas. Y'all, I hate the idea that I'm enough of a germophobe that I would even consider staying home from Christmas because of a little bug, but there it is. Between my issues with low blood sugar, and issues with foods I can eat being so limited anyway, as well as the fact that I live alone, so there's no one to check on things if I do hit the floor, I'm just REALLY not excited about a possible stomach bug. I can't even imagine right now trying to figure out what I could eat as I tried to recover from such a thing. I would not even consider staying home for a cold, but the stomach bug?  One of my other sisters more or less rolls her eyes at my concerns and says, "It's just a way to build up your immune system." Yeah. Except that I swear this particular sister is sick at least 3x more often than I am, so I'm not sure I want to follow her advice on this subject.

Clearly, my main prayer would be that my sister feels better and that no one else gets sick so I can go home for the holidays! But also for wisdom to make the right decision. Whether that is to stay here or to go home and risk it, even if there are others that get sick. I know, it's such a little thing, and I am such a big baby, but that is my concern right now.


  1. I am also celebrating the shortest day of the year. Bring on the longer days and sunlight!!!! You are not alone on being a germaphobe! :P The older I get, the more of a hermit I become to stay away from other people's GERMS. I laugh at myself, but seriously, I would have the same internal dialogue and conflict on this topic. Prayers that everyone feels better soon and that the ginger tea and zinc are being passed around generously!

  2. I really love the longest day of the year, because I don't this time of the year invokes lights in the midst of the darkness and for me that is a comforting image. Praying that everyone gets better at your house. Katharine has a well-child check-up tomorrow at the clinic and I am going to cancel it because I don't want to bring my not sick child into the clinic on the off chance she will pick up something there. Height / weight check and vaccines can wait until after the holidays. In fact, this visit was supposed to be last Monday, but the doctor was out sick that day so obviously stuff is going around and people who should have pretty good immune systems (such as doctors who are around this stuff all the time) are coming down with stuff…I don't want to mess with that. And yeah…the flu is nasty this year. And I had 3 weeks of norovirus hell…yes, I don't mince words earlier this fall and please, oh please, I am praying for a healthy next 5 days.

  3. I meant "because this time of the year"…ignore the "I don't"…ugh…sorry for the nonsensical mistype. :)

  4. We just had a conversation on Saturday about the stomach bug and Christmas gatherings. My brother's daughter had the actual flu and was quarantined from her siblings. My brother was still bringing the siblings to the family Christmas party. There was a discussion about whether we should tell him not to come and who would make the call. No one called. He came. We're all praying we don't get it. I'll pray that your family recovers quickly so you can go without worry.
    I was cheering yesterday, too, about it being the shortest day. My kids asked why I was celebrating. They thought I should wait until the following day, and cheer that it was longer than the solstice. Party poopers every one.
    Have a merry Christmas!

  5. Good luck making your decision! It is really tough when you live alone, and there isn't anyone to check on you.

  6. Hope you and your family stay healthy. It seems like we always get sick if they r sick at my parents. :( not fun. Yay for lazy days, youve earned them.

  7. I totally forgot about the shortest day of the year ... YAY!! I'm glad things are progressing back towards the longest day as that is more my favorite time than cold, snowy and dark December.
    I love days watching movies ~ your brother picked out some good ones! :-)