Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1) I'm tired, and I should go to bed, but I'm so excited for this weekend that I don't want to yet. I'm excited because I enjoyed watching Elf tonight and I even joined the Twitter party. I have an account that's basically dormant, but it was fun to break it out for that. My living room was even clean, which made the whole thing that much more enjoyable, along with the Christmas lights on the tree.

2) I'm also excited because I finally made it to confession yesterday, and I got an awesome priest. Here I thought I was excited that my living room was clean, but maybe the whole thing is really more about my soul being clean! Anyway, I now feel ready for Christmas, which is funny because I am so not ready for Christmas.

3) I get to go skiing tomorrow! Cross country, and I can't wait to get out. I have been trying to hit 15 hours of activity this week, and I'm at 12 now. Three hours in the sun on skis? Sounds perfect! Getting my last few hours of the week is not my concern. Getting out and having fun with friends on skis is exactly my cup of tea.

4) Mmm, a cup of tea. I should definitely break out the teapot tomorrow!

5) I'm also extremely excited for Sunday. Guess what holiday it is?? Well, it's not really a holiday, but it is the shortest day of the year. I'm so excited. I have big plans to celebrate by hibernating and eating pumpkin pie. Really that particular "celebration" has a lot more to do with ~15 hours of working out in one week and at least 14 hours the week before (too much fun to do with hiking and snowshoeing). I've earned an epic rest day, and when better to do it than when it's dark out anyway. The other reason this is all so exciting is that it will start getting lighter again. So happy!

6) Let's talk about this pumpkin pie, shall we? Because I'm very excited for the pumpkin pie, and I'm going to try it with egg nog instead of milk.  Well, really egg nog substitute instead of milk substitute (the life of an allergic asthmatic), but hopefully it will be as good in reality as it is in my head!

7) I guess this is "7 things I'm excited about tonight". I will say that I was not excited about my workout this morning. I think I've gotten enough hours that I'm just not that excited to be in the gym for the extra time. But there's still more that I'm excited about, like Christmas, seeing my family, hopefully doing a photo finding expedition in my hometown, learning more about postural correction (I'm a geek and proud of it), reviewing TOB, and going to bed. In just minutes now. Sorry, I know this is a very random post. This is me, being tired, randomly typing stuff, whether it makes sense or not. Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Kelly's for more QT's!


  1. So much fun holiday stuff going on! There is so much this post makes me want to eat and drink, while watching elf, and hibernating, haha! And yay for confession, I love that squeaky clean soul feeling!

  2. When will you be seeing your family and for how long? We'll be heading to my parents' place in Arizona for the holidays. I'm really looking forward to the sunshine!

  3. Have fun with fam!!! You certainly earned some rest girl, hope skiing was fun!!!! Mmmnmm that pumpkin pie sounds amazing.

  4. Skiing sounds fantastic! And you have reminded me to watch elf again :) "smilings my favorite!"