Friday, December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining the Quick Takers today.

1) Thank you to all of you that stick with me when my posts are not so bright or so cheery like this last week. I'm doing much better now, and it's in no small part due to the way that you all touch my life, as well as wonderful people that I am blessed to know here. I am going to do at least one or two more posts on depression, but it should be more of an informative thing than me crying into my tinsel. I'm actually kind of excited to do it, because I have been reminded so strongly that it is such a big issue for so many people, and it really does rear its ugly head a lot this time of year.

2) Okay, I had a request for a photo of my tree, so here it is:

Please excuse the tacky cord that's just hanging out there. Also, I
had nothing to do with the choosing of the window treatments.
It may not be much, but it is mine and it is definitely making me happy to have it tonight. :)

3) I'm writing this Thursday night as I wait for the cooking fairies to come make me a meal. I would sort of like to eat, but I'm not at all interested in cooking. I'm not sure how I will eventually get food into my mouth, because this sort of seems like an impasse.

4) Apparently I managed to pick up some sort of bug for the holidays. As bugs go, this is far from the worst one. My throat is sore, but it's already seeming to pass into the itchy stage, so I'm going to assume that means it's getting better. I have worked on taking it easy and drinking lots of water the last couple of days. I have too many plans for the weekend to be fighting some bug!  However, I'm going to have to get off the couch soon. I realized at the point that I was watching a video of a baby rhino playing with a goat, that I've reached a new level and I have to return to real life! (Baby rhinos hopping around are pretty cute though. You can go here if you want to give up 2 minutes of your life that you can never get back.)

5) With that in mind, I'm really hoping to go back to spin class tomorrow. I'll try to take it easy (ha!), but I'm ready for some movement and it's interesting how much I miss that interaction with those people that are there. Love them!  Still, I'll wait to see how I feel in the morning. Bugs are annoying, but they go away so much faster if you give your body what it needs rather than rushing things.

6) For Thanksgiving, I participated in an informal challenge to do 15 hours of activity the week of Thanksgiving. I did it, and it wasn't easy, but neither was it all that difficult. It did involve me on a bike down gravel roads, getting chased by dogs and stared at by cows and making bulls nervous. But I got 'er done, and it was fun.


Midwest sunset

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  1. I like your tree. I hope you got something to eat!! My kids have each taken a turn with a sore hasn't turned into anything more severe than that and they had no other symptoms, so we kept things going at our house. HOpe you're feeling better!

  2. I am usually at a food impasse in the mornings when it's cold and I'm in my flannel sheets! I always wish for the food fairies but they never come, so alas I have to get up and make food. The joys of being an adult, we have to make our own food! I love to cook actually but sometimes it's nice to have someone else make the food :)
    I love your tree! I am very interested in reading your posts on depression. I know I have been struggling with that lately since getting on new supplements that can detox the body and depression can be a side effect of detox. I think it's often not talked about, more than singleness and infertility. I hope you are feeling better this weekend so you can go have some fun!

  3. Pretty tree! And I love that you were making the bull nervous, not the other way around!
    Hope you're feeling all the way better soon!

  4. Hope u feel better. Love the trees, we have little ones this, with s tacky cord cant wait for your posts on depression, this is something i have struggled at certain periods of life, anfmd taken meds, it is serious business.

  5. What a gorgeous sunset!
    I really like your tree. Size doesn't matter. In much of anything besides chocolate cake, really. :)
    I hope your cold cleared right up and you are back at the spin classes.