Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Odds and Ends, Including Prayer Buddies!

Okay, I was going to talk about some other stuff, too, but let's go straight for Prayer Buddies, because it's BACK! I'm so excited, you guys! I have missed doing this and I am very thankful that Donna has taken it on. Go here if you would like to join in. I have to say that I really enjoy being able to have a focus like someone to pray for during the Advent season. It is not easy, but it is beautiful to get a chance to possibly "meet" a new blogger or to get to pray very specifically for someone that you have gotten to know along the way. It is a very special thing to be able to walk with people in a special way like this, and to be a part of their journey in whatever is going on in their lives. And it is open to anyone that's interested, not just bloggers.

Beyond that, what else?

Well, on a bit of a downer side to things. Yesterday, my neck and back started to tighten up like crazy and I wasn't sure why. I personally think that it was a combination of things, but I really do wonder if part of it was the deluge of Christmas decorations and music. Not that I don't love Christmas, but the holidays for the last 8-10 years have been such a mix of joy and pain that it does make me a little tense. I will say that this fall has been a little lonelier for me than some for a variety of reasons, and thinking about how craptastic the holiday season can be at times... Let's just say fear and tension have begun to creep in a bit.

On the upside, I was able to get a massage appointment on short notice for tomorrow, so that should help things out a lot. It's a new massage therapist, and I'm picky, so we'll see how it goes, but at least I should be able to move again. I'm excited about the possibility of finding a new therapist outside of where I work. Our massage therapists are out of this world amazing, but it can be a little hard to get in as an employee, and plus I love the idea of not going in to my place of work on my day off. Yes, I'll pay a little more without my employee discount, but I don't really care right now.

Oh my goodness! I had the BEST workout today! I'm sorry that I bore you all the time with talking about things like spin class, but it really was amazing. We did a really tough workout, and on the last drill, I couldn't push my cardio system like I wanted to because my legs were DONE. It is so miserable to work that hard, and so awesome to focus and work as hard as you can and leave it all in the gym. Yes! Plus, I love the endorphins.

Okay, I need to run. Have a wonderful day and seriously think about joining up with Prayer Buddies. It's amazing!


  1. Already signed up for PBs! Can't wait to participate. :) It'll be my first year! Also, I hope that your new massage therapist works wonders on your back. Sorry to hear it's giving you trouble!!

  2. I hope your new massage therapist is a winner! So sorry this fall has been harder this year :( Praying for you extra! I love when I finish my work out dead tired because about 5 minutes later it feels so good :)

  3. I hope your massage goes well. The holidays can be so very rough; I'm glad we'll be able to have Prayer Buddies to help get us through.

  4. I"m sorry this fall has been kind of rough. :( I can relate to stress and tension with regard to the holidays coming up, and my birthday, ugh. I keep telling my husband that I just want to ignore my birthday this year, and maybe it won't happen. Not that I don't want to do something fun, but I just really really really don't want to turn another year old and still have not adopted. I have also been having a sore neck/back, and I keep blaming it on my work stress, but I wonder if it is also related to my adoption stress too. I am SO SO SO SO glad you got in for a massage appoitnment. I am picky too, so I don;t get massages much. Any suggestions for finding a good place to go? I went to one place nearby a few months ago and it was so weird, actually ended up with an armpit massage, which actually made me more! I hope this advent can be a time of hope and healing for you.