Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Happies

Before I jump in, let me tell you about my day. Because I want to, so there.  My first patient is listening to what I say and she gets it and she's getting better. My second patient told me that I need to cut back on the garlic, because I smell like garlic. Which in some ways I appreciate, but all my leftovers have garlic in them and now I'm really self conscious and I can't get away from consuming it right away! (It also makes me laugh. Whatever!) My third patient doesn't seem to get any of my explanations no matter how I try to phrase it and we're getting nowhere. Plus, it's CD 1 and all the fun that goes along with that.

Then I had my first acupuncture visit. It was interesting.  There was a lot of stuff that she was catching, sometimes before I said it. That always gives some credence to what someone was saying. She thinks I have a "leaky gut". Ya think? No shock there! She also thinks that I may be a little vitamin D deficient and low on electrolytes. I hadn't really thought about it, but given what I know about me, it makes a lot of sense. One that she said that surprised me was that she thinks that I may be a little insulin resistant. Now that one did surprise me. The symptoms that she mentioned are symptoms that I have, and I wouldn't have been shocked on my diet and activity levels a few years ago, but now it's a little more surprising.

I admit, I'm stressing a little, because it's kind of expensive and work is slow right now, which is also stressing me out. Then, when I get like that, I get all depressed that I'm still single and there's no one else to help take the pressure off.  Certainly, this has not been an all bad day, but I think that some Little Happies might help smooth out the rough spots a bit.

1) One thing that I'm happy about is that even though it's expensive, I have the test kit for food sensitivity. I've been thinking that that would be a really good thing. It's already ridiculous the number of things that I have to cut out and it seems like there are things that are still bothering me (like eggs) and I don't want to avoid things that I could be eating and eat things that are making it worse. Let's just figure it out!

2) Okay, this was interesting. Since I'm in my mid thirties and single, the acupuncturist brought up the fact that you could freeze your eggs so that if you met someone when you were 40 you could still have kids if you want. (It seems that they work a lot with fertility, but obviously in conjunction with ART, which is weird to me because how UN-holistic can you get? It may eventually be a deal breaker for whether I continue there or with someone else, but for now we'll see how it goes.) Anyway, the happy part of all of that is that 1) I don't have to spend any time at all twisting my brain around that and whether I should do such a thing. Being Catholic, that is a no. 2) I was REALLY happy that it didn't even really bother me. Not the implication that I may not have kids if I didn't take extraordinary measures, not the reminder that I am getting older without kids. I just had peace that it is what it is. I'll meet someone or I won't. I'll have kids or I won't. It did not bother me that this decision was out of my hands, because as much as I would love kids, I love that this is about loving children more than I love myself and more than my own desires for kids. Plus, doing something like that is grasping hard for control, and it's only an illusion. It guarantees nothing.

Obviously, I still don't love the single thing and it's actually been kind of painful off and on in the last month, but there is peace, too, and that makes me happy.

3) On to other things, I had a nice hike Saturday, and it felt good to be out.

4) I had a group video chat with my entire family yesterday, and that was fun. We talked for 2 hours, and then my parents and my brother hung up. My sisters and I didn't plan it, but we didn't hang up and ended up talking for another 3 hours. I know! Absolutely ridiculous! But it was fun, and while we can't get everyone on the same time frame every weekend, I'm sure we'll try for it again sometime.

5) There was snow in the air today! I loved it! I'm actually ready for some colder temperatures and I'm actually a little sad it's supposed to warm up later this week. However, I'll enjoy the cold for tonight!

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  1. Great post and way to focus on the happies! Not always easy but always so therapeutic. I did acupuncture for over a year and it totally helped with my migraines! But there was always a bit of concern that the Eastern medicine thing would conflict with my Catholic beliefs, and on a few occasions it did...obv in your case it's more the acupuncturist's personal more left-leaning beliefs, but I get it. Why can't everything just be simple?! Ha! Hope you start to feel better!!

  2. Sorry for cd one, work stress and feeling down. Glad u got a hike in and also a family chat....yay. My family is getting more spread out, so we tend to see and talk to everyone less. We need to start group chatting.

  3. I love that you are finding peace with being single for now. You are right...we don't know the future. We have to live now and be happy and at peace with it. I know it's hard but it is what God wants. I try to strive for peace as well.

    You can have all the cold weather...I am not ready for it. It's been cold around here as well and all I want to do is sit on the couch wrapped in my throw and watch tv. I have to really push myself to get to the gym. Like it or not...winter is coming!

  4. What an odd thing for an acupuncturist to say, especially when she doesn't know your circumstances or thoughts.

    Hikes are wonderful for body and spirit, aren't they?

    A two hour chat with your family, which turned into another 3 hour visit with your sisters?!?! What fun! Good thing my family doesn't live too, too far away. A video chat would never happen in a million years.

  5. The cost was why I ended up stopping acupuncture... well, that and not being sure if it was helping anything. My suggestion would be to wait and see if the comment on egg-freezing was a one-time "are you aware of this possibility?" or if it becomes a "you should really do this" type of pressure. Good luck!

  6. "Un-holistic" - totally! I always find it so interesting that some people are so gung ho about being as natural as they can be every area of their life, but when it comes to their reproductive organs, it is a free for all and chemicals, shmeicals…lets use it all! ;)

    Did she recommend anything for the insulin resistance? I was diagnosed with insulin resistance a few years back and have been on and off metformin and I think it helped when I was on it. (Went off of it while pregnant.) I should probably get my numbers checked again to see where I am at.

    Sorry I have Mrs. Lamer Mc Lamo when it comes to commenting. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and actually get on my laptop to comment more. I despise commenting from my phone, but that is just a dumb excuse I know. But if you start texting me about the weather that involves any sort of tease…I will rethink my affinity for commenting here. :) Just kidding…well, maybe not. :)