Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's Up?

Hey! I miss y'all! I guess I've just been processing this summer over here, and haven't really figured out what to write or how to write or if to write. Anyway.

First things first, thank you all so much for your prayers for my aunt and our family. I've been so distant from it all and hating that distance, but there have been some real moments of grace in the midst of it all. My aunt died on the 23rd of August, and her funeral was this last weekend. I hate that I didn't get a chance to get back to see her, or for the funeral, because I didn't get to see her one last time and I didn't get to say goodbye. However, in the midst of all of it, there have been some incredible graces as well, and I attribute that to you and all who were praying. Death is awful and wrong, but it is not the end.

Labor Day weekend was a much needed break from work and everything else. Got to go on a beautiful hike with friends on Saturday, relax on Sunday, and then just an awesome unplanned day on Monday. The plan was to meet a friend for a local event in the early morning, and then come back to my house and be all kinds of productive. Instead, we ended up at the gym for a short time to look at her form on the bike since she'd been having pain with riding. Then we decided to go for a short hike. Then we decided to sit by the creek and enjoy the day and chatted for a while. Then we decided to go to lunch. While we were there, we got a text from some friends about climbing later in the afternoon, so we did a little shopping and then on to climb. My to do list is too long, but I regret nothing. It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with friends and let the day unfold as it wanted without paying attention to the clock. I got just enough done on the to do list (I got up a couple hours early) that I could truly enjoy it.

Okay, that's about all I have right now. I know this is a short post and not really put together, but I just wanted to check in. What's up with you all? I've been reading blogs for the most part, and mostly commenting, but still feel free to fill me in on how things are going for you!


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss, M! I can only imagine how much harder it was made by not having that "last time" to say goodbye as you said, but so glad that you experienced grace throughout it. Please know of my continued prayers!

    P.S. "My to do list is too long, but I regret nothing." is like the most favorite line I've read (anyway) in a long, long time! :)

    1. That should be:

      "....the most favorite line I've read (anyWHERE)..." :)

  2. So sorry about your aunt. You are right death is awful. I am glad you had a good Labor Day and that you didn't have a "I have to" plan, those are the best days!

  3. I am so sorry about your aunt. I hope you had at least been able to talk to her during her final days; even a phone call can make such a difference. I was away at college when my paternal grandfather died, but it meant the world to him that I had called to talk to him just a few days before. Knowing that was a real comfort for me.

  4. Im so sad for your aunt and all your family is having to go through with her passing. So beautiful to remember that death is not the end. Your long weekend sounds perfect!! i love spontaneous days like your labor day! Sometimes leisure and time with friends is more important than getting things done, as I've had to learn the hard way.

  5. Death can be awful for those left behind...it can hurt. I don't think it's awful for those who have moved from this life to the next...they are no longer suffering. My condolences to your family. I watched a documentary called "The En.d" and it talked about 5 peoples last days in hospice and how they all handled their impending deaths....very interesting. For all of them, they suffered and surrendered at the end.

    It is nice to hang with friends, enjoy nature and forget about that to-do list.