Monday, August 11, 2014

Little Happies ~15~

It's Monday, so the real question is, what are we happy about this week?

1) I am so, so happy that Sundays exist. I have been pushing it maybe a little too hard the last couple of weeks with physical activity and fewer rest days than I normally have. There's just been too much fun stuff going on and I don't want to say no! Anyway, I was extra tired on my hike on Saturday, which meant that I was more than ready for a day on Sunday to sit around and hold the couch down. And do things like write this post. I promise, even though there's stuff I want to do every day this week in terms of physical activity, I'll take at least one more rest day! Not that you need that promise, but my Achilles says, "Back it off a touch, or else!"

2) I'm trying to figure out if my math is wrong, but on my hike yesterday, I was actually pretty fast, despite feeling "off".  It felt so slow, but the math says I was hiking at a rate of 1.8 mph. Now, in walking down the street, that's pretty slow, but for hiking up a mountain, it's not too shabby!

3) Fudge pie. Have I used this one before? I feel like I have, but it's so good, it can be used again. (Kind of like bacon; free pass to be used in LH's every time if need be.) I froze some the last time I made it, so today I was able to warm slices in the oven and then put vanilla ice cream on it. Yes, slices. Dessert after lunch, and dinner. And maybe a snack as well.

4) Thunderstorms. Not crazy ones that are going to take you out with flash floods or lightning, but the kind that come rumbling through all afternoon, giving you some nice rain fall to listen to as you nap.

5) TV on DVD. Just saying.

6) Wild ripe raspberries!

7) How can it be Little Happies without some mountain joy?

I've been to this lake before, and I'm sure I'll go again.
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  1. Good for you taking a rest day. I find that I have to convince myself anymore that I DO indeed, need a rest day. :)

  2. Give me that raspberry!! Also, pretty sure if God rested on Sunday, we should too. :) Ah! Relaxing feels so good. And relaxing + several slices of fudge pie + the soundtrack of a harmless thunderstorm = pure joy.

  3. Ooohhh...dessert for lunch, dinner and snack? What are you doing??? Hahaha..just kidding sounds so nice to indulge. I did that over the weekend..going to have to cut back this week to make up for that. Love Sundays as rest days. Just good ole do whatever you want days. Love them. I still have to work on giving up computers on Sundays. So horrible about that.

  4. I love Sundays for "slow days" and naps and staying indoors. My favorite things to do! I'm glad you got a day of rest in after a busy week!!
    And fudge pie with ice cream ... YUMMY!! MMMMMmmmmmm. I'm hungry now just imagining ....

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed Sunday As a rest day. you earned that fudge pie!sounds yummy.

  6. Love your photos (always), M!

  7. YES! Reasonable thunderstorms make for the BEST naps!