Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Happies ~14~

Hmm, I'm not sure what kind of list I can come up with, but I have to try. There's a new banner to use! The lack of list skilz today is not because there is nothing to be happy about, but because I'm not thinking of things off the top of my head.  Usually during the week, I notice things here and there that I want to use for the list, whereas I didn't seem to pay attention very well this week. I guess that's why. Oh, yeah. And because I didn't hike this weekend. That's where I have time to think about things like what I want to write and so forth.

How about I start writing and we see what happens?

1) Took a great class this weekend starting to get into some more advanced rock climbing skills. That's always a mental challenge for me, because I do NOT like heights, but climbing is fun and learning is fun and challenging the comfort zone is fun.  We actually didn't climb much this weekend. We were learning how to make safe anchors and such instead while standing on the ground.  However, it's going to open some doors to some things in climbing that I've never done before.

2) I love having friends that give me the space I need and the encouragement that I need, even if they don't fully get why I have my little moments about "easy" stuff that we're doing. There was one anchor that I set that was on the top of a bit of a drop off, and then I was supposed to rappel down it. I did NOT trust my anchor at first, but I got through it anyway, with two people being encouraging, and actually the 3rd is the one that helped me the most, even though it could have made things a lot worse.

Me: "I know this is an easy rappel, I'm just having a hard time trusting my anchor."
Friend 1: "That gear is bomber." (Solid.)
Friend 2: "It's not moving at all."
Friend 3: "Except the top one."

That last thing was what actually made me okay with it, because I realized that I didn't believe Friend 3 in the slightest, so then I knew I was fine. With friends like these....

3) I went for a bit of a hike on Tuesday, and it didn't go the way I wanted. I got turned around due to a bridge being out, and that was a huge disappointment, because I'd been looking forward to this hike for months. The happy part was that it was still nice, and that because I couldn't do the hike, I had a chance to go moose hunting. I "shot" one, but only with my camera. I hunt for photo ops.

4) (through 9) See, I kind of forgot about my Tuesday hike, since that was an odd time to hike and since I didn't hike on Saturday. We'll do the rest of the Happies in photo format.

Got to love hiking by the creek.

Not enough exposure on this shot, but I love the fireweed.

This guy really gave me the what for!

I played with the shutter speed on this one. I need a tripod, but this shot turned out well even without it.

My moose!
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  1. Love the pics!!!! The moose...OMG! There's a prairie that I walk through that is by the gym where I work out...and it has many different species of plants to look at and some endangered birds...I must bring my camera on my next walk.

  2. Ahh! The flowing water with the slower shutter speed -- LOVE! So glad you joined in again this week! These are great happies. :) Except... you shot a moose? What is that even like??

    1. Okay, I edited to make it a little more clear that the only "shooting" I did was with a camera. :)

    2. Hahahahahahaa. Sorry. I was so confused! HAHA. Thanks for being more literal for me. :) I needed it.

  3. Moose(s?) are my favorite animal, so jealous that they are right in your backyard! Ditto above, the waterfall shot is GORGEOUS!

  4. I love the moose picture with the water dripping from his chin, awesome shot!

  5. I know I always say this but I love your pics! I love the pic. of the waterfall w/ the slow shudder speed. Can I get that in a print? I'll totally give you credit ;)

  6. I'm catching up with my reading tonight, and I've loved seeing all of your recent photos. You are so talented.
    I'm impressed with your bravery in rock climbing. The thought makes me shiver in fear. It is a marvelous exercise, and it has to be rewarding to get to the end of a climb. I won't say any more, lest it makes you nervous. :) I just read a book which had a character who did some extreme rock climbing. In the book, there was a discussion about the rock climber's lingo, and how no one could understand it. It made me laugh to see you translate your friend's comment.

  7. "I shot a moose ... with my camera." LOL!!! :)
    I don't think I could do heights, either. The older I get, the more I like to be on the ground.
    Your photos always make me want to visit Colorado ... they are SO pretty!