Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Happies ~13~

It's Monday, which I always dread a little bit, but I love that something like this can shift the focus a little bit from the idea of an upcoming week of work. So, joining with Stephanie again this week.

1) With all my working out this week, I expected to start dropping off a bit in performance, but I kind ratcheted up instead! I got my personal best time on one workout, and that felt awesome! It's true that I love the physical changes in my body in the last few years (and, yes, I did dress up for a quick trip to the grocery store simply because I had a new size of pants to wear today), but what I really love is how much stronger I feel physically and mentally. I know I talk about this a lot, and I'm sorry if I bore y'all, but I really can't believe the difference between now and five years ago. (I do actually have a link to some photographic evidence of this, but you'll have to email me if you want to see that. I'm not going to link it here.)

2) I saw a meme on the Book of the Face this week that I loved. It said:

Athletes don't diet and exercise;
they eat and train.

All kinds of goodness there, and so true! When you are eating for proper fuel, you look at a lot more than just calories in and calories out. And training is much more goal oriented than just exercising for the sake of exercise. Once I had specific things to train for and specific activities that I was fueling, my daily activity routines changed dramatically.

3) This sign made me happy:

4) Another happy thing about that sign is that the new lens made it so that I could get a much crisper photo because I could actually zoom in. I love it!

5) This hike made me happy:

Because how could it not?


  1. I love when clothes I haven't worn in awhile start to fit better...because I've been working out. The pounds are coming off slowly so now I have to concentrate on what I am eating as well. I thought I gave up a I need to give up more. My dh just commented on how exercise is not enough. I love that is much clearer. I haven't been walking much lately since I started at the gym. Not much to take in right now anyways.

  2. Love that sign, awesome! So wonderful that you are noticing some great effects from working out. I used to only work out because of necessity, but since this last tax season and being crazy busy I realize that if I dont get to the gym once or twice a week my mood goes south. Way to go!

  3. That hike!! Wow! I just want to jump into the screen and join you! Also, you do not bore me with workout details. I'm amazed by how dedicated you are and love reading about it! I really love that approach: eat and train, rather than counting calories. Having a goal in mind is always helpful when getting into a workout routine. Love it!! Glad you joined in this week, because your Happies make me happy!