Monday, July 14, 2014

Little Happies ~12~

It's Monday! That's not always a bad thing. This day is kind of weird, though. It seemed kind of long and kind of short all at the same time.  Anyway, since it's Monday, it's time to join up with Stephanie for Little Happies!

1) I guess this doesn't really qualify as a "little" happy, because it's a really big deal, but I'm happy to have so many amazing friends all over the place who are so quick with prayers and support.  Thank you all so much!

2) Another happy is that I love that there is this online community.  I posted something today on FB about the weather, and I got comments on the weather from locals, and from people from East to West coast.  How sweet is it that about anywhere I want to travel, there's a good chance I could find someone to meet up with? So fun!

3) Wild. Flowers. Columbines and Indian Paintbrush are some of my favorites, and I'm so excited that they're out now! Yay!

4) You know one has to be about food. I made a big batch of gazpacho this weekend, and I have been LOVING it. I've been eating it with avocados and either bacon or shrimp with Cajun seasoning. SO good!

5) I got the best compliment recently.  I have changed in a lot of ways in the last 5 years, and especially since moving out here. This person has known me for a couple of those years, and here was the observation the other day, "You used to be this round-faced, corn-fed Midwesterner, but now you're kind of a beast!"  I loved it. Before the last few years of my life, I used to be quite sedentary, and I certainly never saw myself as active or athletic. I will gladly take that and own it now, because yes, I am! :)

6) Have I mentioned that I love hiking?

7) I'm excited to meet up with a friend tomorrow for another early morning workout. I'm dreading it, but it'll be fun.


  1. That's an awesome compliment! I am hoping to meet two bloggers on an upcoming trip out of town, so excited. Praise God for friends around the country.

  2. I love Columbines, too, though mine haven't done so well. Only one of the three I planted has survived.

  3. You ARE a beast. In the absolute best way possible. :) So glad you linked up again! This is such a great post. Those wild flowers are GORGEOUS! And yes, it's actually quite neat that we have friends all over the country. I love it!

  4. This IS a happy post! And girl, those columbines! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  5. Your photos are amazing! You really could make a side career out of it.