Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I Wore Sunday and Other Clothing Madness

What I Wore Sunday linkup

I don't normally join WIWS, but this weekend, I actually had my act together. I paired my black and white skirt with black shoes and shirt instead of navy like last week. I thought I'd share since I actually matched in Mass today:

Excuse the odd positioning. I was trying to get a picture that showed the details of the shoe, because they have kind of a lacy/crocheted thing going on.  The picture still failed to pick it up.

In other clothing problems of the week (totally first world problems!), what is it with the skinny pants craze and when can it go away enough that there are other options?! I was shopping this week and attempting to find some pants that actually fit, particularly pants to wear to work.  EVERYthing is this skinny pants nonsense.  Now, some are not as bad as others, but most of these pants do NOT work for me. I have a butt and hips, people! As it should be, I might add. I should have gotten a shot of the one pair I tried on. Skin tight the whole way, definitely gave me an ice cream cone vibe.  Even worse than the ice cream cone pants of old (you know the ones I mean?), because these were (as I mentioned) skin tight

Also, my Stitch Fix came, and my Stitch Fix went.  I didn't even bother posting. Nothing worked that well.  One shirt was nice, but not worth the price as far as I was concerned. My main issue was that I had given some specific feedback after the last one that seemed to be totally ignored. Meh.

I also did some online shopping because I am in big need of shirts. I doubt I'll do much online shopping. I really need to try things on.  I really like some of the things I got, and I may have to return some others.  Still, I did a way better job than Stitch Fix did this time around. Are you tired of helping me figure out clothes, or should I post something about the shirts that still have me up in the air?

Anyway, it's nice to have some clothes that fit again, and I really appreciate being able to do some shopping as needed.  

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot to give you the details from the stuff above.  In an anomaly for me, there is no NY&C anywhere in this outfit.

Shirt: White House Black Market (I can only afford the sales, but some of the sales can be fantastic!)
Skirt: The Loft
Shoes: (which are cuter IRL) DSW


  1. Wow, love that outfit! The shirt is gorgeous - I wasn't surprised it ended up being WHBM. I can't afford their stuff either, but I always see a thing or two in the window that catches my eye!

  2. Oh no! I'm totally sad that Stitch Fix bombed again!!! :( :( :(

    But in the good news department -- that Sunday outfit looks lovely. And your description of the black flats make them sound so pretty!

    I would love to give fashion advice on the stuff you bought online!

  3. Really cute outfit! I don't like to order clothes online, either...I have to feel the material and try it on.

  4. Cute! The lacy detail on the flats showed up a little - and I love it!

  5. Cute outfit! I totally get the frustration with RTW clothing! Especially pants--low rise, skin tight, yuck, yuck, yuck!! You might look at etsy for some 1940s style high-waisted trousers. I made a pair this spring and they are super flattering if you have junk in your trunk (I do!) They won't be cheap (expect to pay around $100), but the ones I've seen are well-made, flattering, and very cute (and work appropriate)

  6. I forgot to say that Freddie's of Pinewood also makes really nice and flattering high waist, straight leg jeans ala 1940s/1950s. They are a little on the pricey side because of the exchange rate, but you can get them via US websites too (Miss L Fire carries them)

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  8. I love WHBM! I had a couple of dresses from there back when I actually could fit into their clothes and I loved them. I gave them to my SIL so that at least someone could wear them, but honestly, they are timeless, so I am hoping that someday I will fit back into them and wear them again. I think you look awesome and I am the same way about ordering stuff online, most of it is a dud, but sometimes I luck out. Sorry about the Stitch Fix and not taking into consideration your feedback.

  9. Great outfit! But my guess is that you could wear rags and still look gorgeous!

  10. Pretty outfit!!!!! I hate the skinny pants craze, it's even been tough to find work pants. I think flares and bootcuts are way cuter. Hope you like the shirts you ordered, I've been ordering more lately so I can try on at home and then return. Sometimes I order two sizes of the same thing to be safe. I lovr NY&C, they have the best coupons.

  11. Cute outfit!! Also, pants are the bane of my existence too. I'm convince that literally NO pants manufacturer truly understands the actual shape of an actual human woman.