Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Happies ~9~

How about we start out that I'm happy that I have things together enough to join Stephanie and participate in Little Happies this week?  I've been enjoying reading everyone else's, and each week I kept thinking that I wanted to join in, but just couldn't get things together.

1) Maybe my biggest Little Happy is that the wildflowers are blooming! I love, love, love the wildflowers and we've had a lot of rain this year so they're going nuts.  What's that? You'd like some examples? Ask and ye shall receive.

2) I went shopping the other day. This is still a constant source of surprise and fun to me. As active as I've been since I've moved out here, my sizes didn't start to drop until I dropped gluten and dairy last year.  Then they dropped a little more when I started spin last fall.  I still feel like I'm getting the wrong sizes to try on (you ever feel like someone's going to roll their eyes at you for getting a "wishful thinking" size to try on, or is that just me?) and then I'm shocked when they fit! I actually had one pair of shorts where I had to grab a smaller size yet! This was especially shocking since I've actually been up a couple of pounds in the last month or so compared to most of the winter.  It's weird how the brain can take a while to catch up with knowing where the body actually is, and we can't see what others see sometimes.

3) The upshot of all of this is: New outfit. :) Is it wrong that I was looking forward to Mass since Thursday just so I could wear the new outfit? Shockingly shallow, I know, but it definitely made me happy! Even though I'm dealing with a rounded neckline and I prefer V-neck.  Minor details! Even though I really liked the outfit, I did notice right at the beginning of church that what I thought was a white and navy pattern in the skirt was actually black and white.  So I didn't match nearly as well as I thought I did. Oops.  I guess it just means that I have to get a skirt with some navy in it as well. I have some black shirts that will go great with the skirt.  I was going to post a photo, but I'll wait until I match.  Not that you would have been able to tell from a photo anyway. And, yes, I was distracted for the rest of Mass by my mismatched state, even though I wasn't in the least concerned that anyone would notice. I noticed, and that's what I cared about. Again, shallow as shallow can be.

4) Tired of clothes yet? Me, neither! I'm also happy that I have another Stitch Fix coming up.  Since I just got some new shirts and I wasn't on top of it enough to ask for some pants and/or capris (which is what I really need now), I will be surprised if I find that much to keep, but I still look forward to seeing what ideas I get.  You know I'll be looking for feedback from you all!

5) Got to go on a great hike with a friend this weekend, and spent at least a couple hours above tree line. That's always a happy thing, and especially with it being one of the first few times of the year, and the first time that some of the snow was gone and the flowers were out. Love it up there!

6) Beautiful, amazing sunrise!


  1. The first flower looks like a spiderwort to me; I have a couple of varieties in my garden. I'm glad you enjoyed your shopping trip!

  2. Yes - a LOT of rain indeed! So unlike the area, right?!?! I'm getting my first Stitch Fix next month and hoping it turns out well! When is your next one coming?

  3. Hello! I found my way here through Stephanie's Little Happies blog! (Nice to "meet" you!)

    And that sunset is gorgeous!

  4. I love clothes too and never can wait to wear a new outfit. My go to this summer are dresses and I can't wear them as I work with kids on the I wear them at home, to the store, etc. Love the pics of the wildflowers.

  5. The flowers are beautiful! Clothes are a lot more fun when they fit & are a size you're happy with!!!
    The cloud looks like a duck in flight! Gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous photos! And seriously, buying smaller sizes is maybe the most fun thing ever!

  7. Hiking, beautiful sunset, new awesome clothes! All things to be happy about. :) So glad to have you joining in the LH this week. Can't wait to see that next Stitch Fix. I asked for at least 2 dresses this time around (told them I wouldn't mind ALL dresses) and a fun summer necklace. We'll see!

  8. Beautiful flowers! So thankful the flowers are finally out blooming. Yay for successful shopping. As I've gotten older shopping feels more like a chore, and I never feel quite sure what looks good on me or if things fit right...I guess I wish I lived near my mom or sisters to give me honest advice. I bet you looked lovely on Sunday and no one else even noticed. Can't wait for pictures! :) :) ...and don't feel too bad about the navy vs black, once I went to work with both my dangly earrings in the SAME ear.