Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: Allergies, More Allergies, and my Sister Is Seizing the Day

1) I feel like I'm in a haze.  Oh, wait. I am.  The amount of pollen in the air right now is ridiculous. Got to go on a great hike today (because why would you want to stay inside when you have allergies and the pollen count is off the charts?) and at one point we saw the wind blow a nice cloud of pollen into the air.

My eyes are burning and have dark circles.

It's the allergies.

My brain is in a fog.

It's the allergies.

My asthma has been making itself known.

It's the allergies.

I got a new homeopathic remedy today to try, but I refuse to try it until tomorrow morning.  I'm already propping my eyes open each day, so if this makes me tired, I hopefully won't see a huge difference.  But I am NOT jeopardizing a perfectly good night's sleep for this. I admit to having certain reservations for unknown homeopathic remedies that don't have FDA oversight, but then I realize that I think so little of FDA oversight that I trust their regulated remedies less. Logical? Maybe not, but I'm fine with blaming that on the allergies as well.

2) The allergies have kicked the asthma up a little to just out of the "controlled" range.  I am hoping if I can get them to settle down a bit, the asthma will calm down as well. I gave myself an asthma attack on Monday (though I have a hard time recognizing them as such because they don't fit my preconceived notions of being barely able to talk or breathe; I can breathe, I just can't breathe well enough to work out at my normal level). Wednesday I was a little short of breath before I even started my workout, so I took it a little easier.  It annoyed the snot out of me, but I avoided any further shenanigans, so it was worth it.

3) I will say that the workout was what reminded me (again, because I need lots and lots and lots of reminders) that life isn't about what you can't do, it's about what you can do.  I know I mentioned this on fb, and the workout was what brought it on, but those of you that read here and saw that on there are the ones that know where it all REALLY makes a difference. Anyway, for the purposes of the workout, I was complaining to a friend before class that I couldn't work out like I wanted to and that the breathing thing was annoying me.  But then I had to remind myself to focus on what I could do: I was in class and I could work out.  As the class got started, I realized that the class was perfect for working on my average watts (resistance x speed).  When I reminded myself to focus on what I could do, I was able to keep that average up.  In the end, my average heart rate was lower than normal, and my peak watts were WAY lower than normal, but my average watts were actually up.  By focusing on what I could do, I got a really good workout without an asthma attack, even if I couldn't quite push the way I wanted to.

4) These are really long takes today.  Sorry!  Here's a quick one. I mentioned that I have a new smart phone. It's the fruity kind.  What are the apps that I didn't know that I couldn't live without?  Do you have any favorites that you just love?

5) Okay, my sister texted me the other day with the info that she'll soon be heading to Europe.  Seriously? She doesn't have any money and she won't do something like that on credit, so what the heck? Turns out that there's some connection to someone who has tickets and a time share that "need to be used up".  She is all over it.  It's all about helping someone out, right?  And where do I get signed up to know the people that have travel and lodging to Europe to spare??

6) This reminds me of one of the funnier things I saw recently on fb.  I couldn't find the actual ecard for you, but here's what it said:

Whenever I start to feel spontaneous and adventurous, my bank account tells me to calm the hell down.
As someone that just looked up flights to visit a friend in Europe? Yes, yes indeed. Another one that absolutely cracked me up:

A positive attitude may not be enough to solve all your problems... But it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort!

 7) And finally a photo:
Believe it or not, that's Spring.  Can you tell I'm itching to get back on the trail?
 (Haha, stupid allergy pun, but still true.)

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. Ugh the allergies/asthma sound miserable, but at least you have that beautiful view to look forward to! I hope you start feeling better soon!!

  2. Ugh, allergies! They are no fun at all. I like the ibreviary app, I have it on our ipad.

  3. Sorry about the allergies! Lame!! That picture is GORGEOUS! And I'm jealy of your sister -- I wanna go to Europe super cheap plz!! Apps I recommend are 2048 (if you want an addicting game), Instagram (for taking and sharing pictures), Heads Up (a fun game to play with friends), Turboscan (not super exciting, but can scan things for you just by taking a pic of the document), and Songza (kinda like Pandora, but you choose music based on your current mood).

  4. Hope the allergies get better soon!

  5. Allergies are the pits! Right now, we seem to be okay in our house, but about a month ago everyone was miserable. Ugh!

  6. My son said that his dog may have allergies! As someone who is STILL paying for the trip to Europe from last year, I'd be ALL OVER a free trip!!!