Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Happies ~8~

Joining up with Stephanie for another week! I would love to say I have more substantive posts coming, but even though I would love to write, I can't think of anything to say right now (plus there's this ridiculous time issue- or lack thereof).  This link up is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, though, because I find it all too easy to focus on things that annoy me, or things that are worrying me, or so forth.  I love that this one makes me focus on the good things and often gets me to stay focused on that past writing the post.

1) My class this weekend was so great! It's really, really hard to sit in a chair that long. (Seriously, how do people work at desks all day? I hurt more after 7 hours in a chair than I do after a long hike!) But this one was worth it.  I find as the weekend's over, I'm not regretting my days off spent at a class.  I have new ideas and will hopefully be able to do a much better job at what I do. It's one of those classes that makes me excited to go do my job. I hope I still feel that way after a jam packed day, but being excited about work on a Monday is a good thing! :)

2) I often feel sort of decrepit due to little nagging things here and there, but I'm feeling great today.  I love where classes not only give me new ideas for patients, but make me feel better, too!  Ooh, that reminds me, I still want to write some more stuff about the chronic pain stuff.  Someone please remind me, okay? I keep forgetting!

3) I am hoping that I might get to climb a peak this weekend.  There are never any guarantees when you're dealing with crazy Spring weather and whatnot, but the anticipation is still fun!

4) I got to have a lovely talk with my youngest sister today.  She's so much younger that we don't always talk the way I do with some of my other siblings. But today we did, and I love how we are still on the same page with certain things, even though we are so far apart on age.  She gave me a very interesting idea... One that I am not certain that I am willing to share on the internets, but if it works well enough, I'm not sure if I'll be able to resist. Sorry about the teaser without resolution here, but at let's go with the fact that we had a great talk!

5) I led a climb the other day! It was a super simple one, and the clipping stances were almost cheating, but it felt pretty good to be on lead. Then I climbed a second climb that was a little tougher, but felt really good (definitely didn't lead it).  I also got to clean the anchor and rappel that day, so I'm feeling a lot more like an actual climber again!  I'm sorry, I know that doesn't make much sense if you don't know climbing, but let me put it this way. I have felt like a shaky, brand-new beginner all spring, and not sure if I really deserved to be called a climber.  It's finally starting to come back.

6) These are from the other week, but the mountains are always on my happy list!

An old resort that is being restored as a historical site.
7) Finding new settings on my camera! As someone that knows nothing about photography, I found this brand new thing, "slow flash".  Now, those of you that know a little about photography are wondering how I could be so ignorant, but I'm not always the brightest bulb, either.  ANYway, I loved that it would give me a little more light without taking away all the shadows that make things great sometimes.  I think all that I have is a stairway to really showcase it (the stairs from the above building). I was trying to get a photo of some of the lines I really liked, but it was either a dark shadow of a staircase (not shown), or this:

Dirty stairs. How fascinating. Why exactly would you take a photo? Besides that you have a digital camera and too much time on your hands?
Until I found out that I could do this:

Clearly, you could still argue that this is still the work of someone with too much time and too much memory on their card, but I like that the colors are better and the way the shadows show the various lines more. Yay, slow flash! Sometimes it's not about the actual photo, but the fact that you learn something from it. Don't worry, you don't have to be as excited about it as I am! :)
Well, it's time for me to move toward bed. I'm going to go ahead a publish this early, so the official linking up will happen when I get a few minutes, but those have been a little sadly rare of late. Maybe things will slow down a touch soon?  I guess I won't hold my breath.  I know my schedule for the next few weeks!


  1. Love the two pictures of the stairs! I am terrible at photography but have always really enjoyed and admired for it being 'the work of someone with too much time and too much memory on their card,' heck no! These are LITTLE HAPPIES, if they make you happy, that's what counts right? I am constantly posting pictures of my ONE tulip in my're ahead of me I think ;)

  2. So glad you're enjoying your new class. :) And that you got to do some more climbing. Honestly, it sounds pretty scary to meeee! So, I'm super impressed by your skills. And those pictures looks great. I definitely see the difference!!! Have a happy week. Thanks for always joining in! You rock! :D

  3. We always like the idea of climbing but the one month we were near mountains it took us to the last week to not completely pass out from little hikes up the side trails... Climb your next one for us :)

  4. The wood on the staircase is really pretty, and the picture of the mountains??? Unbelievable!