Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Happies ~7~

I was too busy to get to this yesterday, but I still want to join up with Stephanie and the others. April's been difficult, but there's still plenty to be happy about.

1) Just started watching the show "Justified".  I'm not entirely sure that I can recommend it yet.  It's a little edgier than some shows I watch, but it's not the same level as something like "Breaking Bad". However, it's good enough that I'm enjoying it at the moment.

2) Also very excited about some books lately.  I just got a series that's sort of a suspense type thing.  There's part of me that starts to nit-pick about the reality of all these things happening to one set of siblings, but if I let go of that, I'm enjoying the stories.  Plus, I just got "Something Other Than God", so I'm really looking forward to reading that as well!

3) I get to take another continuing ed class this weekend. It'll take up both my Thursday and my Saturday off, but it's really fascinating stuff, and some world class instructors.  Plus, I don't have to travel.  I was kind of bummed about not being able to get outside at all on Saturday, but then I realized I would have time for a short early morning hike at least.

4) SO excited that JPII was canonized this Sunday! As were we all, of course.

I promise there was more stuff this week, but I'm finding that I need to get on to some other things tonight before bed.  And bed needs to be early, because I'm tired! Hope you all are having a great start to your week!


  1. Love this so much! Thanks for helping to cheer me up. :) I especially love how excited you are about books and taking a new class. Also, Yay for St. JPII!!! :D

  2. I enjoy continuing education classes/trainings too....for me it's nice to get together with others in my field since now I work from home and don't interact with adults too much anymore..except for the parents of the children I see.

  3. World class instructors sound fabulous! Some days I miss the intellectual challenge of grad school.