Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Happies ~6~

Since I was not able to be on the computer last week for a number of reasons, this seems like the perfect kind of post to jump back into on Easter Monday morning.

1) Is it wrong to put blogging on the list?  I know some people take Lent off from blogging and it's a great experience for them.  That's wonderful, but I was away from it for a week and I missed it and seeing what was going on with everyone! This being after another week of some limitation due to the computer situation. So I'm happy to be blogging and writing this post.

2) As is typical for me on Easter, I ate too much.  But it was SO good. I was actually going to do the whole LH post on it... But then I didn't get pictures taken at lunch, and I was too full to make supper.  Even though it was already cut up and marinating and ready to go.
Oatmeal pie to start it all off on Saturday night.  No one's ever heard of this pie, but it is delightful, I promise. It's my grandma's recipe (minus a whole lot of sugar, gluten free, cut most of the dairy- there's butter in the crust- but other than that, it's JUST the same).  I will not show you a picture of how decimated that pie was 24 hours later.  I've enjoyed it.  That's all you need to know.

Breakfast started off right with fresh fruit.  I don't often buy a pineapple because it's too tough to get through it on my own before it goes bad, but Easter calls for a fresh pineapple.

French toast bake.  This was quite lovely.  When I got hungry in the afternoon, I finished it off.... Therefore, it is largely responsible for my not making supper.

Maple and Bacon Breakfast Meatballs.  I pretty much love everything about these.
Lunch was also quite nice.  Pork chops in the crock pot with apple and onion topping and a little bit of cinnamon, roasted sweet potato soup (pretty good, but I definitely overdid the thyme- one of the few times in my life when I can say I had too much thyme! I crack myself up. I'll be here all week), roasted green beans with garlic and bacon, more fresh pineapple and finished off with more pie. Of course.

Supper was supposed to be a Thai chicken stir fry.  I will hopefully make that tonight and hope the chicken is okay waiting the extra day!

3) I was a little depressed about spending Easter alone (but not too depressed- I had a lot of lovely food to look forward to, and I was excited for a nice quiet day at home).  However, I was really excited to unexpectedly have a friend over for lunch (hence the lack of photos). There was talk of going to a restaurant, but I already had the food in the crock pot, and I was planning on leftovers, so there was plenty for a second person to join me. It was nice.  I rarely have people over to eat as I have no table and it's a little awkward, but we managed and neither of us spent Easter dinner alone.

4) Work was crazy and didn't let me get to my laundry before my Wednesday spin class.  This meant that instead of wearing the capri length pants I usually wear, I was stuck with cycling shorts.  I don't wear shorts much at all (not through any moral objection, they just don't work with any of my normal activities) and these are the extra special shorts that just don't hide much.  The happy part is that it is much nicer for spin to wear the shorts (which are now in the wash and I have to switch back the the capris that are now clean) AND that my shape has changed enough in the last year or so that it didn't make me look in the mirror and want to hide.  In fact, I was pretty happy with it.  Still not going to wear them outside the spin room, but it was sweet.

5) I just got word that my second Stitch Fix shipped, so that is some fun to look forward to this Easter week!  I'm going to be a bum and post on the private blog again, but I hope you come join me there.  I really appreciated your help last time, and it helped me make a decision that I was happy with- and not the decision that I would have made on my own!  I didn't make any special requests this time, so it'll be a complete surprise to see what they've come up with for me.

6) Over the weekend, I had 60+ hours of NO paperwork or anything work related!  It was wonderful, and I didn't have anything hanging over my head, either.  I had to stay until 7:15 one night and 8:30 another night to accomplish this, but it was well worth it.  It meant that I was able to keep up with my cleaning (which meant that I could extend a last minute and unexpected dinner invitation) and also that I could just have a rest.  I really think that our new paperwork system is going to be a real help, and that it should hopefully make it easier to keep better notes AND stay caught up more easily, but the transition is always a real headache.  The worst should be past, but no doubt it will still cause some problems for a couple of weeks yet.

7) I'm happy that my work can be so much help to me in keeping me healthy and that my experiences with doing things for myself can help when I treat patients.  I love movement stuff, but I have also had training in the last year or so about how the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight) contributes to things like chronic pain.  It has helped dramatically reduce my neck pain, and when I had some things happen last week to really kick in that fight or flight response (everything and everyone are okay, no worries!) it was really helpful to see how that treatment knocked down some of that excessive nervous system activity quickly. Sorry, I know some of that's kind of vague and a really need to finish some of the things I wanted to write about the ANS, but for these purposes here, let's just say that a weekend away from the paperwork makes me even more appreciative of the awesomeness of my job!

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  1. The food you made looks delicious! That is nice that a friend joined you and you didn't have to be alone for Easter.

  2. So glad that you didn't end up spending Easter alone! The food looks wonderful!

  3. Yumm that food looks amazing! I'm really looking forward to hearing about the ANS! I know that could really help me! When my husband and I argue, my endo pain sky rockets. I knew it had to be related.

  4. Pineapple! Nom nom nom!

  5. I want to come eat at your house! Yum!!

  6. I NEED all your recipes!! Oh my!! Can you please do a recipe post for the Oatmeal Pie! Stephie wants!! :)

    So happy you didn't spend Easter alone. That's awesome!! And I can't wait to see Stitch Fix #2! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll help you pick the cutest items. :D

  7. Your easter menu looks amazing amazing!! ...I'm sure your friend was blessed to enjoy the yummy food with you. so glad you got that much needed break from work.

  8. I'm making those meatballs, they sound so delicious, OMG shared the recipe already with several people.