Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Happies ~5~

This week for Little Happies, Stephanie made the suggestion for a joyful pictures edition.  Yes, yes I would love to join in with that suggestion.  Umm, but seriously. How do you narrow it down for a post like this?  There are so many pictures that could and should be included!

1) Okay, how about the one where I was hiking and feeling particularly hopeless and apparently God though I needed a little clearer sign that normal?

2) These have never been a part of a post before, but I just love them.  These are the boys of two of my closest friends, and they are just being everything that boys should be, leading to two pictures that absolutely delight me.

3) This one will forever be a favorite.  Here's why.

4) Right at the moment, I am trying to remind myself why I like climbing.  (It's spring, and it's like I have to relearn to trust the system every year.) But I do.  I like climbing, I like overcoming the physical and mental challenges, and even though as of today even an easy climb is giving me dry mouth.  These make me happy, because they are all about climbing.

5) My sisters and I went on road trips in 2008 and 2009 (we TOTALLY need to do that again!) We pulled off to a random stop and decided to eat our glamourous peanut butter sandwiches.  This bird hops onto a fence in front of us and cocks his head, clearly wanting a bite.  We said hi, but we don't feed the wildlife.  He hops closer.  Still nothing.  He hangs out waiting.  All of a sudden, he's down on the ground acting like he is going to DIE if we don't feed him RIGHT. NOW! (Hypoglycemic, much? I feel your pain, Bird.)

Then, when we laughed and were STILL heartless enough to not feed him, he hopped up and flew away.

Okay, this is really fun, and I wish I could just keep going, but I'm running out of time and I have other things that I should be getting done. Thanks again for hosting, Stephanie!


  1. All of these!! So great!! Especially that last one with the bird. Hahaha. How dramatic! And the "HOPE" message from God. And the boys just being boys! And ALL OF IT! Love this post. You need to keep sharing your pics, girl!

  2. The bird cracks me up! What a drama queen =) Your pictures are always so wonderful. Do you ever submit them for contests? Seriously. Love the all-boy pictures too. Precious.

  3. As always, great pics! Little happies pic style is such a good idea. I loved that the bird really wanted some of your food...that was smart to not feed him...he may have really bugged you for more.

  4. That bird looks like a stuffed animal! The 'hope' picture is amazing!!!

  5. I hope you and your sisters can go on another road trip soon! That picture with "Hope" in it was!

  6. You take such wonderful photos! I love the composition, especially the bird. What kind of camera do you use?

  7. BEAUTIFUL cover photo!
    I laughed at the story about the bird wanting to be fed! And I love the rest of your pictures as well - AMAZING as always!