Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Little Help?

The other day in spin class, the instructor was helping some new people set up their bikes, and then she asked the room in general, "Does anyone else need help?" Two of us regulars that ride next to each other raised our hands.  She gave us a Look. "Does anyone else need help setting up their bikes?"  We lowered our hands.

Yeah, in general I could use some help.  But in particular, I could use some help making some decisions about some clothes.  I am the epitome of low maintenance.  I joke that I have the shoes for every occasion- hiking shoes (AND hiking boots; different footwear for different hikes), climbing shoes, cycling shoes, etc.  But not so much when it comes to regular outfits.  My idea of accessorizing is wearing black or brown shoes. I don't wear jewelry.  I like the idea of trying new things, but I get overwhelmed before actually trying anything new because I completely lack confidence with that.

Anyway, I do NOT expect you to help me fix all of that (I would not set you up for such a large task).  I did however decide to try Stitch Fix after seeing Steph's post about it. What I need help with is trying to decide what, if anything to keep from it.  I am so sorry to not post the whole thing here, but I still like my illusion of anonymity and I just couldn't deal with a whole series of headless pictures, so I'm going to post them at my private blog here.  Oh, you didn't know I had a private blog? No wonder.  I only dust it off occasionally to use it.  If you are actually interested in reading it and you're not already on the list, just leave a comment or send me an email and I'll be happy to send you an invite.

Apparently they start off in about the same way for people; that or Stephanie and I had a lot of the same answers to their questions, because if you looked at her post, you'll see some of the same things. Or if you want to see them on me, go here.  If you are kind enough to actually go through the hassle of going to a private blog to give me some opinions on the outfits, I really, really appreciate it!


  1. Oh I want to see them! Can you invite me to the private blog?

  2. I get it...I am interested in reading other things besides IF and baby stuff...I would love an invite.

  3. Totally unfair to leave us hanging like that! (Who me, curious? ) That's a yes, I want an invite, btw. And I'm always more than happy to give opinions about clothes/style.