Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I keep thinking of different posts to write, but then I don't write them, and somehow they don't just appear on their own.  What is up with that?  Anyway, I'm going to try to at least write some Quick Takes.  If you're reading this, it would appear that I was successful.

2) Today the weather was beautiful. It's been doing that some lately, but typically on days in the middle of the week. Now this weekend there may be some more storms moving in.  They have incredibly bad timing, always showing up on the weekend. However, I am just going to remind myself if I get stuck inside again this weekend, to be grateful that I haven't been stuck inside for all of February.... and January... and March so far.

3) I'm eating baked oatmeal right now.  It's not too bad, but it could really used some sugar... Only, I'm trying to cut down even further on my sugar, so it's only sweetened with applesauce (that didn't have any sugar added to it). It's warm and I'm hungry enough and need carbs badly enough that I kind of like it right now.  I'm curious to see what'll be like tomorrow cold and possibly without being quite as hungry. Although, if I'm not hungry enough, I usually only need to wait a few moments and that problem is gone.

4) You know, being stuck in my house last weekend really wasn't SO bad, but all I did is clean.  And now it looks like that never happened. (How? I live alone.  I hate the inevitable truth that must be the answer... I am apparently a slob.)  Anyway, the moral of this story is that I will not be rearranging my schedule any time soon to take more room in my weekends for cleaning.  Might as well go out and have fun clanging around the mountains.  No one can take the fun away when it's been had, unlike the cleaning. I will, however, work on trying to clean a little more during the week.  I don't WANT to be a slob.

5) Maybe it's the tease of spring, but I'm starting to think of getting a bike.  I haven't had one since my nifty Huffy from 5th grade.  It was so pretty (well, my 11 year old self thought so, anyway); teal with purple and yellow paint splatters.  I haven't gotten one yet because I've been too busy to add another sport.  That's probably still true, but I want to get on bikes and ride outside, dang it!  But not up mountains and not on roads.  The roads wouldn't be so bad except that cars are not so good at watching out for cyclists, and some roads are pretty narrow.  As for the mountains, I love them, but if I want to go up a steep trail in the mountains, I'll hike it. The bike may not happen, because those suckers are not cheap, but I'd like to.

6) My friend challenged me to climb today without using my pinky fingers.  It was crazy, ridiculously hard!  I didn't think it would be easy, exactly, but I thought that it would be doable, especially on a much easier climb than we usually do.  I almost didn't make it up one of the easiest climbs in the gym.  I still can't believe it!

7) I haven't been out. I don't have any new pictures.  I suppose I could search the archives, but it can be difficult to find anything worthwhile when there's nothing specific in mind.  If you want pictures, talk to the weather man and let him know I need some decent weather on the weekends!  Also maybe blame me because we had a gorgeous frost Sunday that would have made for some great pictures, but I was too lazy to put on all the layers that are required to stand around outside in 10 degree weather.

Have a beautiful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. I have come to discover that I am the messy one between JJ and I. I'm trying to get better for his sanity and my own edification. Wow, climbing without your pinkies?! That seems like it would be impossible, good job for getting through it. I hope you have some good enough weather this weekend to go outside and enjoy!

  2. I am also a slob! When I leave for weekend's (for work, like this weekend), the first thing The Man does is clean and straighten up the house, when I walk in on Sunday it will be clean and organize and about 5 minutes after that it will be a disaster again. I'm with you, I don't WANT to be a slob, it just happens!

  3. I clean every weekend and in between...and it has to be done again the next weekend...what is going to happen if we add a child to this household (Lord Willing)? OMG! I haven't had a bike in years either...right now...when it gets warm I am "hoofing" it.

  4. Climbing without pinkies? That actually DOES sound really hard! Did you tape them up, or just have enough self control to keep from using them? If you had that kind of self control, then I'm even more impressed!