Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Spot of Tea

I have a new obsession.  I admit, it's simmered down a bit in the last month or so, but I still love the idea of it, even when I don't get around to making it.


Yep.  I know everyone else in the whole world has already figured out tea by now, but I am slow.  (I was 3 years behind the times with Downton, and now I don't care enough to watch the newest season.  I just read the first two books of the Hunger Games trilogy last week.  I've never read Harry Potter.  Need I go on?)

I got this sudden urge to drink tea in November or December.  Someone had given me a couple bags of tea, and they were quite nice.  A hot drink to warm me up after a cold hike with none of the calories and dairy of hot chocolate and none of caffeine and disgustingness of coffee. (Sorry, I know that there are a lot of you that love coffee; it's an acquired taste that I don't care to acquire.)  Well, obviously I buy caffeine free herbal teas; I know that you can get plenty of tea with caffeine if you so desire and choose.

I have an acquired distaste for using the microwave, so when my mom was begging me for ideas of what to get for Christmas, I told her a teapot. I figured I'd try to cultivate this tea thing.  She obliged and found the cutest little teapot ever.

Okay, so it IS a small pot and a large mug, but the angle does skew things a bit.  Also my favorite oversized snowman mug is a dish, right? Right.  So I actually have something to link up for Theme Thursday! Sweet!

There are a lot of things I like about drinking tea.  The warmth of it on a cold day.  That's the biggest and what started the whole thing.  I like that it takes some time to warm up the water on the stove and then wait for it to steep.  I like watching the swirling steam and breathing the fragrance of it (I also like sparkles; it takes very little.  Ooh! And bubbles!) Funny enough, the thing that I am most ambiguous about is drinking the tea.  I mean, I like it, or I wouldn't drink it, but somehow it is still just a drink, while making it is an experience.

Okay, I just realized that's kind of weird.  This is why I have a blog, so I can type out my feelings until I realize that I'm a little strange. Have a great Thursday!  (Thursday is one of the best days ever, right?  It is, because you get to anticipate that the next day is Friday, but you haven't yet used up any of your weekend time.  That's the worst part about a weekend; even while you are enjoying it, it is slipping away from you.  I am also biased because I have Thursdays off. I should be doing stuff right now, but it's really lovely to decide to ignore that stuff just because it's my day off and I'm tired.)


  1. Ooh, I love tea! I can't get through my morning without it (and I' always drink decaf herbal tea with no sugar, etc...its boring tea, but I looove it!) I also have a strong dislike for the microwave. I love that tea pot, too.

  2. There's nothing like a cup of good, hot tea on a cold, snowy day! Have you tried loose tea? We had some on vacation once and got hooked on it. We use a French press and make a good sized pot of it that lasts us the day.

    Hope you had a great day off!

  3. Please please please go find the boy in the WVU sweatshirt, marry him, and move to Morgantown so we can be neighbors and have tea together! Please? (His consent is really unnecessary in this, and it will all be fine. I promise!)

    Ok, now that everyone that reads that comment will think (know?) that I'm bat-sh*t crazy, I will leave a real comment :):

    I LOVE tea too!!! I have two tea pots and love a day that I will be home long enough to use one. I'm thinking of buying another for my office - that will make work days better :).

    And now, with more time to think, I realize, the boy in the WVU sweatshirt is unnecessary - all you need is a 1-way plane ticket....

  4. I love tea, love it! And I completely understand the beauty in the ritual of it, brewing, smelling, pouring it, and my favorite part, just holding the warm mug or cup in my hands. It's magical! I love loose teas (I order herbs in bulk through our coop), and am always hunting through the shelves at Home Goods and Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc for discounted fancy teas :).

  5. I love tea and tea time! We try and have it once a day at around 4pm before I start making dinner or go off to follow ups. Well, I usually drink tea twice in a day sometimes three times; once with bfast, tea time and chamomile tea before bed. I want to start getting into loose teas but I need a tea pot first that has a diffuser in it. I love the simple elegance of tea and it's so easy to have people over for tea. I am throwing a tea party in a couple weeks and I can't wait! Did I say how much I LOVE tea yet?

  6. I think this is exactly why some cultures have tea rituals. There's an art to it. (Love that teapot, too.)