Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Happy Valentine's Day!

2) What is it about computers or cars that makes us stupid and aggressive?  Seriously, I see people being really aggressive in cars and I know that if I am going to lose my temper in a day, it will be with that idiot driver that did something I didn't like.  I guess the degree of separation of a machine between us and a person makes it easier not to see the person.  Instead of a person we see that annoying behavior on the road, or that obstacle to getting to where I want to go (pick it up, or I'll have to wait one more time through the light and IT WILL RUIN MY DAY! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!)  And on the computer, you don't see a person so much as an opinion, and it's often WRONG.

Really?  The extra couple of minutes at the light is not going to make or break my day, and if it is, I need to realize the problem is not them, it's me.  Apparently, I should have left sooner.  That person on the computer probably can't communicate the full nuances of their opinions in that one short piece that they wrote (and if they had made it longer, I wouldn't have read it, because who has the time attention span for that.)  Further, maybe instead of focusing on where they're wrong, I could give them the respect of trying to really "hear" what they're saying.  Not that I'll agree with them in the end, but maybe that gain deeper understanding and respect for a fellow human being.

Just saying.  I need to work on seeing the dignity of the person, even if I can't physically see the person because of the machine in the way. (This PSA brought to you by me yelling at someone who had cut me off and realizing that if I wasn't in my car, I would never do such a thing; and likely, they wouldn't have either.)

3) The other day there was a dusting of snow on the ground.  Because it was cold (in the teens, for those of you questioning whether it was truly cold or just cold for a person that doesn't know what cold is), the snow was the airiest fluff snow you can see, the kind that a breath will blow away.  But the best part is, it was SPARKLY.  How can you not be happy when everything sparkles?  Even when it was only dressing up the old snow that had already been sitting on the ground, it was pretty.  Here's how my walk went:

Oooh, sparkly!  Oh, look at that, the light's making that all different colors! (turn a corner) Man, that slightest breeze makes it COLD... Oooh, look at the sparkles! (after waiting for a "walk" sign to cross the street)  Holy crap!  That car just about ran me over, despite my being in a cross walk and having a "walk" sign!... Wow, that yard's really sparkly, too.

Apparently, sparkles are even better distractions than squirrels.  Though squirrels can be pretty cute, too.

4) My coworker laughed at me when I told her the sparkles made me happy.  I didn't care.  Laugh because I'm easy to please if you want.  I still get to enjoy life, and laughter is good for you.

5) Okay, a couple of weeks ago I told you about the dress that I bought, even though I have nothing to wear it to.  I was going to post it earlier, but obviously did not.  All I have is a crappy, blurry photo, but let me know what you think.  And the boots, yea or nay?  Clearly, I could use some tights to make it less "hello, brief chopped up patch of white legs", but other than that.  Can I wear it with boots? Because I'm certainly not wearing it with any other shoes until a good few months from now.

6) I'm sure that many of you have seen the egg baked in an avocado thing.  Umm, I love it. I don't do that much to dress it up like some people do, but it has been my breakfast a couple of mornings this week, and can I just say that it has been lovely to feel full and stay full for several hours?  I was telling someone about this and they asked what I did with the "other half" of the avocado to keep it from going bad.  Uh, there is no "other half".  I eat them both. Two eggs and a whole avocado is my breakfast. But it's easy and it tastes good (though it's not the most amazing tasting thing in the world... but it probably would be if I added the bacon sprinkles that I saw in one recipe) and it actually fills me up.  So there you go.

7) Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. I think you're rocking those boots! Love it!

  2. Stopped by via 7QTs.

    Love the dress! Very flattering. The boots look okay to me, but I'm not a terribly good dresser, so my boots-or-no-boots opinion counts for natch.

  3. The dress looks great and works well with the boots but yes needs tights.
    Yay for sparkles in the snow!!

  4. I love the dress with the boots, though tights or even hose would make it look better.

  5. Love the dress! You are rockin' it in boots. Tights would be good for winter and look cute. Where did you get the dress, by the way?

  6. I agree with the consensus, the boots look good with the dress but you need some tights. You can also wear heels or flats but it's too cold for that right now, well not where I live. Oh yeah and where did you get the dress? I am looking for a good wrap dress that I can wear to Mass but mine would need to be a little longer but I am short so what fits most ppl is sometimes a little longer on me.

    I love the egg in avocado dish, I keep seeing it and I want to try it. Bacon would make it even better mmmm bacon mmmmm.

  7. LOVE the dress. It was made for you!!!

  8. #2: That's exactly how I feel! I need to work on that!
    I think it's great that you can see the sparkly snow and marvel at how beautiful it is! I can't comment on the dress & boots, because...heeeellllo! Have you wondered why I don't have pictures of myself on my blog?? :D

  9. That dress is super cute....looks great with boots! Love that you appreciate the sparkle-ness of snow... a fresh snow really is pretty!

  10. I love sparkly snow! The dress looks fabulous! And the boots look great with it too! I think black tights will look wonderful with it too, and I also like it without. You have a great figure!

  11. Va Va VOOM! LOVE the dress and the boots!
    Oh - aggressive drivers - I'm probably one of them. I always pray the Memorare on the way to work. Often, I have a (stupid) driver I encounter while I'm saying the prayer. Do you think I could keep from uttering name calling phrases? oh, no. Sigh. Mary has her work cut out with me. I always have the best of intentions .......

  12. Love the boots and the dress! Go for it. I've been wanting to try the egg in the avocado thing, but thought it might be a total fail. Now, an avocado is going on the grocery list!! Thanks:)