Sunday, February 23, 2014

7 in 7?! And Some Other Stuff, Mostly about Food

7 day blog challenge 7 posts, 7 days

I don't know why, but I'm going to do it.  Seven posts in seven days (so, Stephanie, this means you're up, too, right?).  You're welcome or I'm sorry, whichever you prefer.  However, the way my week looks, I think I'd better start a day early.  For one thing, I know I have time today to get a post up.  For another, as soon as I linked up, I got intimidated and thought that if I got 1/7 done, then maybe I wouldn't be AS intimidated.  Umm, is there something about linking up for this that dictates that life is going to make it impossible?  Because I also JUST found out that we going to be short staffed next week and I'm going to be insanely busy all week at work... Which means that I won't have time to do paperwork while I'm there and then will come home to several hours of paperwork after long days.  Don't worry, I can give you the daily blow by blow since I'll be posting all week!

No, I promise that I have other things that may not be that exciting, but I really won't complain all week about paperwork (though I reserve the right for a couple of occasional gripes).

Mmm, so I have food on the brain right now.  (And in the belly, so that's always nice.)  I made an Italian chicken sausage hash last night that was surprisingly amazing.  It has sweet potatoes, apples, a sweet onion and spinach in it.  I wasn't sure about the combo, but I really enjoyed it.  The leftovers should get me through the first couple of weeks.  I also made pad Thai today. From a box, so it's kind of cheating, but I'm in peanut, lime, and cilantro heaven today. And I started the day with the avocado and egg, but this time I had bacon and chives to add to it.  Fantastic!  I had to laugh, though, because all of the pictures I've seen on the internet have a couple of decorous and decorative bacon bits scattered on their food.  I had a bacon and chive pile on top of each avocado half.  Delicious!  And some actual chocolate milk (not dairy substitute) to wash it all down with.  I haven't had dairy in a while, so we'll see what this does to the asthma tomorrow.

And I wonder why I'm hitting the upper end of my 5 pound range lately...

Seriously, though, what is it with weight maintenance?  It's kind of hard.  For a while, I was dropping below my range, and now I'm threatening to burst out the top.  This is only a couple of pounds difference, and so a lot of this is normal fluctuation.  But you know what's weird?  Even though I absolutely know that I'm in a good spot and that I don't want to get too low and that fluctuation means that the scale will go up and down at various times, I still get a little dejected when it goes up.  So silly, but oh, so ingrained.

I have more I could talk about, but I really want a nap.  Plus, I have 6 other posts to write this week!  Looking forward to lots of fun reading this week, even if I don't have a ton of time to read.  I'll get them all read eventually, I always do.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. The avocado and egg sounds so delicious! You should post a recipe! And I'm with you on needing a nap.

  2. The Pad Thai sounds super good. Oh my goodness, now I am craving it...

    Can't wait to read your posts this week.

  3. You are making me hungry!!! I love the combo of sausage + apples. One of my favorite fall dishes is a skillet of sausage, apples, and kale. Yum.

    Good luck with all the posting! - Ecce Fiat

  4. Ah yes! Weight fluctuation! Grr.
    Even though I know I'm in great shape right now, I didn't actually lose much weight. I'm oddly obsessed about fitting into pants I bought three years ago and one dress from seven years ago.... This would require another three to five pounds, which it seems like I ought to be able to do. But oh well. I should just give up the dress. I've nothing to wear it to anyway.

    I do wish that weight loss was like virginity... Once it's gone, it's gone!

  5. Yep, this means I'm in! Now that I'm done with hosting 2 parties in 2 days.... Fortunately all the drinking happened at the Saturday evening dinner party!

    Though I'm currently theoretically trying to lose weight, I was just grousing about seeming to have reached a set point lately. I'm annoyed seeing that number go up and down but never really budge.