Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crab Cakes, Skiing and Mirrors

I just tried to make crab cakes and mashed parsnips with garlic.  Massive, massive fail.  Seriously, it sounded both easy and tasty, but my parsnips are stringy and the crab tastes okay, but it didn't so much "cake". At all.  Oh, well.  It's food and you can still eat it.

I'm getting a little better at cross country.  I have finally started to figure out how to allow my body to absorb little bumps and sticky places and hang ups in the snow, especially when going down a hill.  This was explained to me from the first class I took, but hearing it and doing it are two different things.  Kinda like with surrendering things in my life to God.  When you do it, the bumps are still there, but you roll with it more and absorb it.  Unlike when I first started skiing and I was stiff and fighting those things all the time, then any little bump in the snow was enough to put me on the ground.  And when I was fighting with surrender, same deal.  I really have more to say about that, and some awesome quotes that I found about peace and abandoning yourself to God (by Fr. Jacque Philippe, who else?), but I don't have time to write those out now, so hopefully later.

Also, I have noticed something recently.  I have found myself looking at myself in the mirror more lately.  Vain? Yes. (Also, I have a blog for my navel-gazing, so the self absorption factor is WAY up there!) And, yes, part of the reason that I look is that I'm happy with what I see.  Like most people, I used to look in a mirror and see a number of things that I wasn't happy with and only sometimes could I see the overall picture of the actual person that people cared about, rather than those "problem areas".  Now I'm still surprised by what I see, because even though I have been more of an athlete than not these last few years, there's still that memory of the sedentary person that is surprised by someone athletic-looking in the mirror.

Then, too, I think that I do the mirror magnet thing because I'm trying to figure out who that is in there. I was talking with a friend this weekend, and it really emphasized how much has changed in the last 3 and half years.  It's been an awesome ride, but seriously, who is that?  Who is that who really is an outdoor enthusiast and not a couch potato?  Who is that that is starting to focus more on enjoying what is in life instead of the entire focus being on what is not? Who is that who more often faces opportunities with "Why not?" rather than the previous and customary assumption that I wasn't up for it, whatever "it" was.

Okay.  That is clearly more than enough of that.  I have to go put my stringy parsnips and crab piles into the refrigerator so I have leftovers tomorrow.  Gee, I can't wait.


  1. I wish I could look in the mirror and like what I see...not there yet. That is great that you found activities that you enjoy that keep you moving and spending less time on the couch...I need to do that. Since it was warmer out yesterday I did go out and put food in my bird feeder and I breathed in the fresh winter air. It was nice to get outside for an hour...and not be freezing.

  2. I love hearing how you have made so much progress both in changing your life and surrendering to God. So often it's too easy to only see the lack of changes or those we aren't happy about.

  3. Oh I bet your crab piles and parsnips are yummy! Who cares what they look like :) I am working on getting to where you are with the mirror. But, Kudos!!! That is a major accomplishment to get to a place where you are liking what you see! Keep looking! I think when you come from where you weren't happy and you start to notice you are getting there. It is ok to look and really get to know the you you now see!