Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes and Calendar Giveaway!

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1) Okay. I'm still getting over my calendar problems.  I had my calendar made and was all set to order on the program that I've used for the last couple of years... And then it said I had to update my app to order through this program, but then it wouldn't let me update my app because it said my system was too old.  It is 5 years old, and I know that's ancient in computer terms, but NOT GETTING A NEW ONE RIGHT NOW!

Which means that I had to order through a different website.  And I had issues with it.  It's a smaller calendar than what I've been doing, I couldn't get the layout exactly the way that I want (though it might be a little better in some ways) and I don't know whether the quality of printing will be what I've become accustomed to.  On the other hand, it's cheaper, so I guess that's good.  As long as it doesn't look cheap, which is what I'm afraid of, and have had problems with in the past.  Really, I think I could get over the rest of it pretty easily, except the part where it's so much smaller.  I really like my big calendars!

However, I just went ahead and ordered them today anyway, because today was the last day of their 32% off sale and I could get free shipping (though with my luck, they'll start a 40% off sale tomorrow; I stink at getting deals).  I guarantee that if I kept shopping around for everything I was looking for, I would have to go without a calendar for 2014, because I wouldn't get it taken care of in time.  Anyway, such as they are, they're coming, and hence the giveaway at the end of the Takes today!

2)  I had a pretty exciting spin class yesterday.  At the beginning of class, the instructor looked around and said "Oh, good. It's all regulars." Y'all.  She counted me as a regular!  Maybe that wouldn't seem so exciting to some.  I have been going consistently for the last month or so.  But I'm excited because it means I've made it a whole month of being consistent at going to the gym!  And I have noticed some significant changes in my strength and endurance... All due to being regular enough to be called a regular.

Also exciting was that I got a "nice job" from the instructor after class.  I've been working more on staying out of the saddle when everyone else did, and most of the time, I can handle it now.  It's really nice to have someone notice and acknowledge the effort.  Side note, if you're interested in how spin class has made it to my latest list of analogies for Catholicism- purgatory in this case- I wrote a post about that here.

3) Ooh, while I'm linking things, you HAVE to check this out if you have a geeky Catholic side, or are curious about geeky Catholics. It's some explanation of how the theology behind the Immaculate Conception of Mary and her assumption into heaven are both consistent with science.  It does not prove scientifically that these things happened (as far as I know, there's no way to measure the things these doctrines deal with), but it shows that the science and the theology fit together in a crazy sweet way!

4) It is still true that I have things that I want to write about waiting.  It is also true that they are not getting done very quickly.  I'm waiting until the time is right, get it?  Haha- okay, not really.  Lame.  Anyway, I have worked on them a little here and there, but it's not coming together like I want it to- and then I realize that it better come together sooner rather than later if I want to post them during Advent because it's less than 3 weeks until Christmas! How did that happen?!

5) I wish I could say that I was all Advent-y with my little celebrations and waited until Gaudete Sunday or some such significant time to put up my decorations.  Nope.  I love having them up, and it's such a short time (even though I wait for the end of the Christmas season to take them down), so they are going up as soon as I can spare a little time.  It doesn't take long, because I don't go all out, but I still need a little bit.  Also, I have to get past my fear of my boxes in the basement.  I've had a couple of flooding issues and didn't care enough to look deeply for water damage. (A cursory glance showed little to no problems).  Plus, there're spiders down there.  And some are shiny and black.  If they stay down there, well and good, but if they hitch a ride up on the boxes, I will not be happy!

6) Wow, there're a lot of long ones here.  So how about a freebie?

7) Giveaway!

Okay, the rules are as they ever are around here.  1) You have to want a calendar. (Even if it's on the dinky side and may look cheap; no guarantees. But at least there are a lot of mountains in it, which is always a plus in my book!) 2) You have to leave a comment.

I will then run a random numbers thingy to pick someone and send them a calendar. Here are a couple of photos included:
July (without the watermark, I promise)



  1. First!

    (Talk about a cheap comment!)

  2. With pictures like that, if I hang it at work I'll be staring at it all day! Beautiful photos! You have a great eye for compostion and some awesome subject matter. I think I'm jealous! :-)

  3. I hope your calendars turn out well! I know I've been a mess whenever I've put together photo projects, but I've been fortunate that so far they've turned out well. I've never tried a calendar, though.

  4. Love the photo for July! Not just because that is my bday month but because it is an awesome photo :) Yay for being a regular at spin class! There are about 5 post drafts that I have not finished that I want to finish before the Advent and Christmas seasons are over but I have been lacking motivation to finish them, part of it is laziness and part of it is trying to organize my thoughts.

  5. Yes please!!
    Congrats on your 'regular' status!

  6. um, we've already discussed this calendar, I'm going to win again, remember?!?!? :-)

  7. I do want a calendar but thank you for number 3. I'm a geeky retired IT guy so I use my laptop calendar. But I do enjoy your photos. :0)

  8. Love the photos! Oh yes would love a calendar:)

  9. I love love love your photos and dinky or not I am sure this calendar will be amazing!!! And I just have to add that I love # 4. The waiting till the right time sounds so like something I would say :)

  10. I can't see your pictures!!! My computer is doing really bad these days, I'll check from my phone but I'm sure they're gorgeous. I love Chrismas decorations too, my tree is all decorated now and every year I choose two colors, like blue and silver or red and gold but this year I threw all the colors on it and I love it!!!

  11. your pictures are always incredible- as if I am taking a hike with you and chatting about our day! I would love a calendar- but it looks like you've got a lot of people who are hoping to win so the probability of me winning is not looking so good! :)

  12. I want a calendar!!! If I don't win one, can I buy one from you? Your photography skills amaze me and the views you get are awe inspiring!!

  13. Pick me, pick me, pick me! Please! :) Umm…if we don't win, could we still buy a calendar from you. I mean, I am going to win and all, but just in case I want to give one to a friend?

    Oh, and I stink at waiting for Christmas or whatever seems to be the appropriate date to put up Christmas stuff. I agree, it is such a short season anyway, not to mention so stinking dark, hello winter solstice…that lights and other decorations go a long way in making the season joyful.

  14. Oh my goodness, I love your photos and have my fingers crossed to win. I'm sure the calendar will be beautiful!

    I am also a fan of decorating for Christmas right away. I love everything about the season and want it to last as long as possible. I finally got smart last year and moved our Christmas decorations from our outside storage to an inside closet, simply so I don't have to deal with my fear of spiders. I will not let those buggers freak me out by lurking in my decorations.