Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Angry about "Women's Health"

Someone I know just got to leave the hospital after at least three days due to a severe infection.  Despite the fact that they were draining a lot of pus, they were denying the infection. The cause of an infection? An IUD. This is NOT for birth control, but rather for someone that has horrible PMS symptoms and can't take regular hormonal pills due to other health factors.

She could have died if things had gotten much worse.  She is single, and I think we all know far too well what the scarring from all of this may do if she gets married and wants to have children. And she still thinks that she needs to get another IUD when she is healed enough because her monthly symptoms are too unendurable.

She could have died.  She will miss at least 3 weeks of work. She may now have infertility, though given the symptoms she was already probably subfertile.  AND SHE STILL DOESN'T KNOW THERE'S OTHER OPTIONS!!! This makes me so freaking angry!

There is a chance for actual healing.  No, it's not an easy road.  No, it may not be complete healing.  But chances are, she could get actual healing to the point of keeping things manageable and not putting her life at greater risk by getting yet another bleeping IUD!

I don't know for sure if I will be able to bring this up to her (though I will certainly try), but you can bet I said something to one of her closer friends who will almost certainly bring it up to her!  I know Napro's not perfect, but it's done a whole helluva lot more for actual HEALTH for women than the good ol' freaking double P.


  1. Has she had a successful pregnancy before? I thought they didn't give women IUDs unless they have had at least one successful pregnancy because of the high risk for IF or ectopic pregnancy. This sounds so frustrating! I will be praying for her and maybe NaPro can help her.

  2. Praying for your friend. I hope that she listens when hearing about NaPro. It could literally change her life. IUD for PMS!!! Honestly, that seems like the most invasive, least effective treatment option available to this woman. Women's health care - what a joke. Pump her full of hormones or stick a device in her and get her outta her doctor's hair more like. Don't bother looking for a cause, don't bother treating her with minimally invasive options, don't bother doing any actual caring for her health and well being. Ugh!!!!!

  3. Praying for your friend, for your words to be inspired, and to fall on receptive ears.

  4. Oh gosh...I've heard some horror stories about IUD's as well. Awful. I actually told a teacher friend about my endo surgery and Dr.S's technique and Napro...and she told me that a good friend of hers has been suffering from endo and has not been able to get pg. We have to get the word out. I'm not sure if this teacher actually used my info for when I told her about Catholic Dr's...she seemed to shy away. Napro isn't just for Catholics. That is another message we need to get across as well.

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