Sunday, September 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

I'm using the name, and I'll link to Jen's post even though weekend is over and I'm definitely not QT official.

1) Somehow I have only posted once in the last 20 days, and I'm not sure if that one post technically counts as a post since it's a giveaway.  But, it's a giveaway for an awesome book and because I am SO not on the ball this month, I think we'll just say that it's going to go on for another week or so before I pick a winner.  So go sign up, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

2) I was trying to figure out why it's been so long since I've posted much, but now I remember.  Shortly after my last (real) post was when the whole area around Rocky Mountain National Park flooded.  I don't live there, but that's always been a favorite destination of mine and so all the coverage on that was extremely distracting for a while.  And shortly after that, I got some sort of stomach bug that cost me a week of work and 8 pounds.  Now, while my ever fluctuating weight has hit the high end of where I like it to be, that is NOT how I want to lose that pound or two, and I worked hard to replace all those fluids and bring it back up.  Now I have to work on some probiotics of some sort because my poor gut has been hit hard recently. (I feel like some of the canyons in Colorado and my gut got some similar treatment...)

3) Wow, TMI.  Between the lack of posting and then posting that, thank you to anyone still reading this post and who hasn't deleted this blog from their reader!

4) I haven't seen this on EVERY facebook feed yet, so I'll take a chance and share it here. It's a little long, 15 minutes, but it is a beautiful story of a father's confession to his small daughter about how he felt when she was diagnosed with Down's syndrome and even how he wanted to choose abortion, but how much he loves her now.  He shares this with the hope that if others hear it, they will be spared the mistake he almost made.

5) So, spiders and I.  It's no good.  There was a spider in the hallway at work the other day.  I should have taken care of it, but I didn't.  I should have at least asked someone else to take care of it (especially since there was a bit of a possibility that it may have been a nasty variety), but instead I texted a friend about the fact that there's a spider on the wall.  You KNOW she's a good friend when she didn't suggest any ridiculous and unworkable solutions, like killing it myself, but rather a good solution that I should hang a sign pointing to it that something like "Kill me."  I don't deal well with spiders.  And if you're one of those types that believes in setting them free outside, you are welcome to come over and free all the spiders in my vicinity.

6) At least it wasn't a scorpion.  My sister just had one of those in her house- and she lives in an area that we did not know had scorpions!!!- and that's just not okay.  I've had a bear in my yard this summer and that was SO much better. No joke.  First of all, in the yard, not in my living room.  Second of all, if a bear did somehow get in my house, it can't hide in my shoe or in my bed sheets.  There's no hiding it! Third, if there's a bear in your house, it's worthy of a call to someone else to take care of it.  If there's scorpions, you can get an exterminator, sure, but you still have to take care of the scorpion that's right in front of you.  911 is not interested in arachnids in your house until it's too late, like you get a sting and have an allergic reaction.

I may not visit my sister ever again....

Also, I've never been to Texas, and I may never go.

7) Last week, I was hiking in late summer weather and I was sweating in my T-shirt and light pants.  This week, I was hiking in the snow.  Gotta love the mountains, they are constantly changing! Don't get me wrong, I love it and I was all kinds of giddy about hiking in snow and fall colors and cool temperatures, but I was also shocked by the quick switch.

Seriously, Merry Christmas


  1. If the spider is not too big, I'll probably kill it. I'm more afraid of leaving it alive and then it popping up somewhere else unexpected, in a shoe or something, yuck, I know :)

  2. Scorpions are terrifying. Ick. We have a lot of junk in Nebraska but at least we don't have those hellish beings.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and are back to hiking.

  4. I am SCARED to death of spiders!!! The only scorpions I've dealt with were in a dream recently and I think that was because we were talking about different habitats in my class.... the desert to be exact. Sorry you were sick... but glad you are better! Man, that picture you posted is beautiful!

  5. Wow..that was a quick switch in weather...glad you enjoy it either way. Yeah, I'm not a spider person either.