Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ignorance IS Bliss

And I'm no longer the happiest person in the world.

Back in April/May, my doctor told me my sinuses were all inflamed and that I should use a spray that had a steroid in it.  That worked well, but I didn't want to keep taking it all the time.  But as luck would have it, I didn't feel much of a need for it long.  Sweet! Lucky break, right?

I've been noticing things are getting bad again recently, both with that and my airways being a little more reactive. I've had to use the inhaler more and I've at least thought about using the nose spray again.  I've also had less energy than I did at the beginning of summer. I was all ready to blame it on allergies, but then I realized something.

May and June, I was on the paleo diet and avoided grains and dairy.  In July I started eating some of that stuff again, and I've eaten wheat and dairy as I wanted to more and more recently.

Dang. It.

You mean staying gluten free and dairy free really was making that big of a difference?  I didn't mind it too much, but sometimes I just want to be lazy! And sometimes I just want REAL ice cream.

I blame the bloggers.  This particular revelation is even more to be blamed on the incomparable Sew, whose recent post inspired me to do a little reading about thyroids... Leading to even further understanding of how these foods could make a difference, but also confirming that it would really be better for me to become one of those food freaks that avoids gluten and dairy.

So I will thank you for helping me to be healthier overall.  But forgive me if I grumble a bit over lost pizza.


  1. I have asked my dr countless time about going dairy and gluten free (for my own good) and she tells me over and over...if I don't have gut problems after eating those foods...they are most likely okay. I get that but I wonder if those kind of foods bother me in other ways. I don't know. I guess I'd have to give up dairy all together to find out if I feel better. I just have not been ready to go dairy free yet. I like milk with cereal and tea. I like cheese on my pizza. Oh well.

  2. As much as I hate it (I have PCOS and all I CRAVE is carbs) whenever I cut them out I feel like a completely different person and my stomach gets flatter. There is something to it I just don't know the exact science behind it. Oh how I feel your pain though. My husband doesn't care at all if he eats carbs with his meals as long as he has meat he's a happy camper.. me? I am happiest when eating bread and nothing else for dinner. :) I guess eating healthier is just part of growing up huh? I hope you start feeling better though. It's no fun to feel so worn down!

  3. I try to avoid gluten/dairy all days, except Sunday. I find if I allow myself a little, it satisfies, and I can be good all week. Yes I noticed a difference in many things, including, gut, and allergies while avoiding.

  4. It's annoying that all the science behind paleo might actually be right! I never had gut problems with dairy, but it made me gain weight and now every time I have some my right ear gets all clogged up. My mom gets sinus infections *every* time, but she has an actual dairy allergy. She still caves & eats it every time we go out to eat. Drives me nuts. It was easy for me to give up gluten, because you really can't mess around with celiac. Over time, it won't feel so much like deprivation and it'll just be how you eat now.