Monday, July 29, 2013


I really liked the 7 posts in 7 days challenge that everyone was doing last week.  Lots of new material for me to read! As you can see, I really stepped up to the post and managed 0 posts in 7 days.  Wait...  Now that I think about it, there was one whole post. Wow, I was on fire last week!  Smoking!

Not to worry.  There are enough posts in my head and in drafts that it's quite possible that I will afflict bless you with a post a day for a couple of days.  Two to three days, people.  Max. (Most likely, I don't plan these things especially well, so it could be more, or this might be all you hear from me this week.)

Anyway, given that I have been writing and deleting more so than writing and actually publishing, I wanted to throw out this quick post for today.  I read something Friday that I loved, so I thought I would share it.  It was part of an interview with Walker Percy, asking him how, in this enlightened day and age where there were so many alternative beliefs, that he still believes all that the Catholic Church teaches and proposes for belief. Mr. Percy just says, "What else is there?"

Interviewer: I don't understand.  Would you exclude, for example, scientific humanism as a rational and honorable alternative?

WP: Yes.

Interviewer: Why?

WP: It's not good enough.

Interviewer: Why not?

WP: This life is too much trouble, far too strange, to arrive at the end of it and then to be asked what you make of it and have to answer "Scientific humanism."  That won't do. A poor show.  Life is a mystery, love is a delight. Therefore I take it as axiomatic that one should settle for nothing less than the infinite mystery and infinite delight, i.e., God.  In fact I demand it.  I refuse to settle for anything less.  I don't see why anyone should settle for less than Jacob, who actually grabbed aholt of God and would not let go until God identified himself and blessed him.*

Yep.  Good stuff. I love that his answers are so short and simple, but once he explains it's fantastic.  In case you were interested, he is a Catholic convert, and he and his wife were apparently subfertile.  They did adopt one daughter and gave birth to another.

And now, just because, here's a picture to prove I have had some success in the last couple of weeks in the columbine hunt.

Yes, it's true that I have been absolutely completely spoiled with hiking in the last few weeks.

*From this July's edition of the Magnificat (Vol. 15, No. 5), the July 26th meditation.


  1. Did you see that dialog from the Magnificat? That is where I saw it. Love the pic. Boy I wish I had a place go hiking.

  2. That's a truly gorgeous flower. And what stunning scenery you live in! So fortunate :D

  3. Love the interview snippet from Walker Percy. I have never read his writing. But I keep hearing good things about his books.

    That flower (and the photo) is gorgeous! I would love to go hiking some place like that. Heavenly!

  4. Great quote!! And that flower is beautiful!! I agree with the others...pretty jealous of your gorgeous's awesome you take good advantage of it though with all your hiking!