Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blood, Glitter, and WIWS

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Linking up again with the lovely ladies at FLAP.  

As always, another random day here, when all you wanted (presumably) was to see what I wore Sunday.  (And if you weren't interested in that, then what the heck are you doing here??) No worries, I do have another fine, headless picture featuring that aspect of things along with my other rambles.

The beauty of doing this link up today is that I actually already had a photo of today's outfit from something else.  So, it is what I wore to church today, but the photo is not from today.  The i.d. band thing is not from today, and today my toenails were a lovely shade of au naturale (because I'm lazy like that).  But I did wear the shirt, skirt and- because I apparently hate my feet- the shoes.
It seems that I am about ready to walk away. Who knows.  
I am sad that you can't see the detail of the shirt, and particularly the bow in the front.  I don't think it's as dorky as a butt bow, but I never can tell.  Since I like it, I go with it. The shirt is from New York and Company, and the skirt is from Anne Taylor Loft.  No surprise there, since my clothes come from either those two stores or REI.  And that's about it.

(Side note: I finally found out what "REI" stands for!  Due to their generous return policy, we often refer to them as "Return Every Item", but I knew that couldn't be it.  Recreational Equipment, Inc.  It's kind of disappointing.)

The shoes, oh, the shoes!  I don't remember where they came from.  I had to buy them for a wedding, and I think they are fantastic.  Which is why I wore them, because even I can't resist the occasional lure of the heels and the color.  But my poor feet!  It really isn't fair to ask them to hike 12.5 miles one day and then wear heels the next.  Even to something like church, where a lot of the wear comes while sitting.  I'm pretty sure I could feel the bunion forming on my left foot.

My other favorite part of the photo is my arms.  We can blame lighting for some of the issues, but that two tone look is really fairly accurate.  I may have left the Midwest, but I can still rock the farmer's tan with the best of them!

Okay, if you came for the outfit, there it is.  Now let's move on and I can tell you alllll about how my thumb came to be covered in blood and glitter courtesy of a Christmas ornament on July 14th. I blame Sarah. (No, really I blame me, and I credit Sarah with reminding me of something important.) Not that the story's that exciting, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Here's the thing.  You may have heard, but the West has had a wildfire or two this year and last year.  Because of the way that people like to have homes in the mountains and amongst the trees, this is leading to more and more losses of homes.  This year, we had horrible fires in Arizona (that killed 19 firefighters), Black Forest (taking out nearly 500 homes) and southwestern Colorado (that threatened entire towns; small towns, but towns). Those are some of the biggest ones.  There have been lot of other ones as well.

This has led me to think about where I live and the possibility of a fire.  And... It could happen.  On the one hand, most of my stuff is just stuff.  Does it really matter?  Like my couch in this photo from the other day. I like it, but it would not break my heart to lose it.  I don't own my appliances.  And so forth.

On the other hand, it would really be horrible to lose it all.  People sometimes have to evacuate with minimal notice and no guarantee that they'll have a home to come back to.  Looking around my house, I started to contemplate what I absolutely could not live without. I could live without most of it, to be honest.  But in order to be prepared, I have started packing a "go box".  If that's all that I have time to grab, I'll get it.  It has some of the important papers and my baby book, as well as some originals of old photos from my grandparents'.  I've been slowly adding a few other things whenever I think of something.

For instance, one day someone mentioned that they had a lot of Christmas decorations, and they were going to go through them and put the most important ones in a separate box (because I am far from the only one looking at these possibilities).  I laughed and said that my decorations weren't worth the trouble.  But then I realized that I had a few postcards from the early 1900's from distant relations that were basically Christmas cards from the time.  And I have some ornaments given to me by people that are small and maybe not that big of a deal, but if I had to start from mostly scratch a couple familiar ones at Christmas would be welcome.

I've been thinking of getting those out for a while, but it wasn't until Sarah mentioned some recipes of her grandma's that I realized that I also wanted to put in some recipes that my grandma wrote out for me  years ago.  She died in 2008, and I definitely want not only the recipes themselves, but the fact that they are written in her hand.  So that's what spurred me to finally add those things to the go box and in the process, I managed to dump a chintzy, glittery, glass Christmas pine cone on the floor.  Glitter everywhere.  Only a small bit of glass, thankfully, but of course the small bit that broke managed to be in slivers.  It's one of those things that I was cleaning up thinking "I'm going to cut myself" and then a few minutes later have the blood and the glitter to go clean up.  (It was really just a prick, but what's the fun in admitting that up front?)

The hike I went on yesterday was wonderful. It was absolutely beautiful, and the company was fantastic, and we delved into some of the deep subjects and she was willing to listen, though she disagreed (fodder for future posts, I'm sure as I think about some of our conversations).  I'm sure I got some photos (but I question the quality because I was playing around with some of the light and focus stuff), but I can't upload them until I delete a few more that are already on my computer.  Otherwise, I may crash the computer.  I can show you a couple of the flowers that we saw yesterday from previous photos.

Now I put the question to you.  If you have to single out a few things to put in a smallish box that could possibly someday end up being your only worldly possessions, what would you put in?


  1. Love that skirt! Such a pretty shape to it. And those heels are wonderful! They really make the whole outfit sing!

    And I guess the only thing I would take is a memory stick with a bunch of pictures on it - the memory stick that I need to get around to copying all of my kid's pictures to but have yet to do. So I would probably just end up ripping my CPU out of the wall! :)

  2. Very cute outfit; totally agree regarding heels ~ very rarely but sometimes you just have to and hope your feet forgive you.
    Glad the hike went well, great pictures!

  3. I love those wildflower pictures! And your shoes are too cute :)

  4. That's smart to make a "go box". I would probably put in important papers, and some pictures of the boys as they were growing up. And, definitely my laptop would have to be grabbed, because I have so much information on it!

  5. I tried to read this whole post, really. But if you want me to pay attention you cannot, simply can.not. post pictures of shoes that cute!

    Seriously, I love them!

  6. Cute outfit and interesting about the recipes. I have an old tape of my older siblings playing their instruments for our grandma...the music was horrendous but hearing my grandma's voice...priceless. She passed suddenly when I was eleven. I also kept some written notes from my aunt that passed about five years ago. Somethings are worth treasuring.