Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) It is amazing how lovely it is to decide that you're hungry, and then just go eat.  And you're body is happy that you've listened and eaten, instead of still hungry because you didn't eat much but also a little annoyed that you ate at all.  Also fantastic is to be upright for a whole entire day and not be tired.  And even though my workouts are a little pathetic, I'm working out again and that feels fantastic as well. I'm very excited about these things right now. Seriously, I was only sick for a couple of days, but I'm really appreciating the not being sick!

2) When I told someone that I probably had given myself food poisoning, they were all, "You gave yourself food poisoning?!?!?!!!!" And I was all, "Ye-, mayb-, uhhh". Didn't come out as quite the smart retort that I was going for. It's not like I did it on purpose. Sheesh, did they think I seasoned my food with bacteria for the fun of it?

I know my initial answer above pretty much clears it all up, but I might want to add a little here.  I wanted to go with "maybe", but I'd only eaten my own cooking all weekend, which means that it was my fault, all the way. Or the recipe's fault.  Yeah, that's it! Blame the recipe.  I was making a recipe in the crockpot that called for cooking on low.  I rarely do that because I never trust it to get things hot enough to kill all the little buggers in meats.  But on this day, I said to myself, "Surely the recipe knows what it is calling for and wouldn't call for a low cooking temperature if it wasn't enough to fully cook things."  So I followed the recipe.  Yep, that is the last time I ever use the low setting of a crockpot! (Unless there's no meat involved.  Then who cares?)

Also, I may have started overcooking every meat or seafood I've eaten this week. Don't bring steak to my house right now, unless you're reconciled to no pink and who cares if it's dry as dust!

3) While I do not recommend the food poisoning diet plan, I will say that the scale was the lowest I have seen it in a LONG time.  Now, it was almost there before the incident, but there was this barrier that the scale would not pass.  It would laugh at me.  And then my weight would go back up a few pounds (or sometimes 10). And then it might get close and taunt me again, and then it would go back up. For- literally*- years. I don't know if the below barrier weight will last for long, but I saw below the barrier for a couple of days anyway!  (Though I can't lose too much more, because even though they say you can't spot lose fat, I swear it all comes off one spot on me... My chest. And it's not like I've ever had a ton to spare there! The butt, she is still there. Always.) But if I could make it just two more pounds down, I could tie my lowest adult weight ever.  The last time that happened? Junior in college. So, while I am not actively working on losing weight, I'd like to try that weight on for size again and see what I think. But if I lose 4 or 5 more pounds, I think I'm going to celebrate with ice cream. (Non-dairy, though. And hope that I spot gain weight, too!)

Side note: You want to know another way that I lost a couple of pounds this week? I got to go to confession.  It was one of those times that I really, really needed it. Dang! I love being Catholic! Of course, those didn't show up on the scale, but my feet were definitely lighter on the way out!

4) In other (not) interesting news, I have been stuck with a disc of Downton Abbey at my house from Netflix for weeks.  For no other reason than I watch what I'm in the mood for, and I'm not in the mood for DA, and I am in the mood for West Wing and Parks and Recreation.  (I'm pretty sure the fact that Rob Lowe is in both of those is just a coincidence; I think he's a good actor that I enjoy watching, but it's not like I seek his stuff out.)  Perhaps my DA issue is because I know of deaths that happen. And as long as I don't watch, the characters are still alive.  So... I will never finish Season 3 and they will live forever. (Except I will, because how could I not?)

5) Thanks so much for your awesome comments on this post. I wasn't considering getting rid of the blog anyway, but now I'm REALLY not considering it.  I'm definitely not looking for lots of deep and profound new posts to write.  When they happen, great, but I can't really plan those. Not to worry, because I also like to deal in inanity and fluff (Exhibit A: this post), and maybe a return to writing a little more about what the Catholic Church teaches.  I miss writing/talking about that stuff. I like a mix.

6) So... The whole feed reader situation... I'm really behind on all that.  I don't use a feed reader.  I follow blogs through my dashboard.  But EVERYone who is anyone has buttons and stuff for Bloglovin'.  I don't need one just to feel like one of the cool kids ('cause ain't no amount of buttons that can make that happen), but is it something that I have to get in order for other people to be able to follow my blog on Bloglovin' if that's what they want to do?  If it is, let me know. If that's what you want, it's no skin off my nose to take care of that.  Otherwise, I'll continue on my oblivious way as feed readers come and feed readers go.

7) Is it a cop out to post a picture every time?  If it is, I'll own it and happily continue my cop out ways.  I'm hoping to get some new stuff this weekend.  (I got a new white balance filter, which is kind of dumb because I barely know how to run my camera as it is.  But it was cheap and could be interesting.) But for now, let's go with this.
The Bells.

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more QT's!

*TOTALLY hear Chris Traeger in my head with that word and it cracks me up.  Man, I love Parks and Recreation.  One of the few comedies that- literally- has me laughing out loud.  I don't think even Big Bang Theory makes me actually laugh as much, though I think both shows are hilarious.  I'm usually just amused without laughing. If you're not familiar, watch the first 10-15 seconds of this video, and you'll get the inflection (but I'm not sure if it's that funny if you don't know the characters and what's going on.)


  1. Will have to check out Parks and Recreation one of these days. IF I don't like where the series goes in Season 4, Downton Abbey ended 5 minutes earlier and the second death NEVER happened.

    I really like your photography so I good with you sharing whenever and however you like.

  2. Bloglovin' is set up in such a way that you don't need a button for me to follow it through that, I would just add yours (and did) to my feed...

    I haven't put up a button either because I don't know that it's all that important to the experience.

  3. I am also behind on the whole feed reeder thing, I follow everyone from my dashboard too. I am not sure what I am suppose to do as a responsible blogger, do I need to set something up too? I have no clue and I don't understand the whole business. I really like your pictures so keep posting them :)

  4. Gorgeous photo. Please feel free to keep posting them.

  5. That stomach bug sure wreaked havoc! It is nice to lose the weight, but ... man what you've been through. That's what I always think. :)
    My goal this weekend is to transfer all my blogs to somewhere else ... if Bloglovin seems to be "the" thing, I'll have to check it out. I'd follow through Dashboard, but I have entered a lot of blogs manually in Google Reader, so not sure how that works to enter in Dashboard. If I hate Bloglovin, then I'll get to figure that out. LOL! :)
    Beautiful Picture!!!
    And yes ... LITERALLY makes me think of it being said in Chris-Traeger-speak too. :-D

  6. Glad you're feeling better now!! Is it bad that I would totally take a stomach bug at this point? These last ten pounds don't want to go away!

  7. I switched to Feedly as soon as it was announced back in...whenever it was...and it does the job. It's slightly annoying, but they are still putting out fixes to it every day, and mostly my annoyances have to do with switching back and forth b/w phone and pc.
    Glad you're getting back to normal! Isaac caught a stomach bug this weekend and it was the very first time he ever threw up. Once on his daddy, once on me, and then all over the swing on the front porch (I'm sure you really wanted to know that, lol). It's no fun, and I'm hoping Hubby and I don't catch it! Although I could stand to lose a few pounds, it's mostly from being dehydrated I think, so it's not lasting (for me anyway).