Sunday, May 5, 2013

But I Like Inflammation!

At least, that's going to be my story after today.  I believe that dairy and grains, in the form that we have them today, are likely causing a lot of our health issues.  But I'm hungry, so I don't really care anymore.  I decided to start cutting out the grains today, and I was all excited and proud of myself until about 2:30 this afternoon.  Then I was shaking every little crumb I could get out of what little was left of my last box of cereal. Because I'm hungry.  I tried to prepare for this.  I made sure that I had plenty for my meals.  I made sure that I had appropriate snacks to eat.

It didn't work.  The reason that I ate the cereal is because it is the one grain that was left in the house (besides some rice, but I didn't want to work that hard for something that wouldn't be tasty unless I fixed it up).  I should be picking up the house right now so that I can think about being ready for the coming week.  But I am far too hungry to bother myself with mundane things like doing dishes! I'm thinking about going to the store to try to find something.  I'm sure that I would also have to pick up some chocolate for myself for the trouble.

Seriously!  I know that some of you have done paleo or similar types of eating plans.  What the heck do you eat so that you don't go crazy??  I'm really glad that I decided this should be done in stages. Tomorrow's stage is definitely going to have to have some more carbs!

Besides whining about being hungry, I think I'm getting over whatever little bug I had.  It was a weird one.  I'd have a headache, and I was really tired.  So I'd lie down.  And I'd be happy as a clam until I was bored of the couch.  Then I'd think I was doing better and I'd get up and quickly just want bed again.  It was pretty exciting to go to church today, come home and cook an (perfect!) omelet and then still feel like doing more stuff.

But lying on the couch left me plenty of time for some TV.  I am into the 3rd season of Downton, but not caught up yet.  The nice thing about the DVD's is that I have access to the special features, and the one I listened to today was talking about the whole thing with Pamuk.  Guess what.  They didn't make that up!  Apparently one of the writers read that in someone's old diary from approximately that era!  Beyond that, I'm not sure if I can keep watching.  Except for Edith and Bates, everyone's pretty happy right now.  I have seen enough spoilers to know what's coming.  I don't know when or how, but I know it's on the way. I'm glad I know in a way, because I can't handle those kinds of surprises on shows. On the other hand, I wish I could have ignorance and not be waiting for that.

Seriously.  I've been eating all day.  How am I still hungry??? Grrr.... I'm going to go find more food now. Somewhere.


  1. I´m sorry, no advice on the diet because I'm into carbs and dairy. Anyway, Downton, I´m in the third season too and I´m loving it!!! Now go eat :)

  2. I caught DA from the beginning (before it was cool to watch it!). If you like murder mysteries, catch "Cracker" on Netflix. The guy who played Hagrid in Harry Potter is the main character. It's an old series, but really good!
    When I'm hungry, I clean the house and try to stay busy to not think about it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

  3. Ok, here is my 2cents on the diet. You may be trying to do too much at once. Cutting out all grains at once is crazy! I started by going gluten free then when I did my detox I did limited grains but never gluten. Things like brown rice, millet and quinoa are great. Quinoa is my favorite because it is a grain but it is a complete protein and its pretty filling. You could start by having grains at only one meal a day. Cereal is probably the worst thing to eat because it usually has no nutritional value and if it does it's sugar content is too high. The only gluten free cereal we have found that has high protein and fiber is Enjoy Life Perky's Crunchy Flax. It is better as a snack than a cereal with milk in my opinion though. Hang in there girl, you can do it!

  4. Are you getting enough protein and fat?? Those will both help to curb your appetite. Eat 1/2 avocado, or roll up some ham, or eat a hard boiled egg. Some people (I think Sew does this) even take a spoonful of coconut oil to help with hunger. Hope that helps!

  5. Oh my goodness. I can so relate! I have been having lots of issues still even after my surgery, and the only reason I haven't done anything about diet sooner is because having to eliminate ANYTHING that I don't want to leaves me in a state of mourning...and hunger. Sigh. Praying for you and offering up!

  6. I up grains and dairy is's been a main staple of my diet for years and now I need to give it up? I just have cut back and just am trying (so trying) to eat more veggies and fruit and less red meat.

  7. I try to fiber it up in between meals and drink a lot of water. Fiber stays in your stomach longer (or at least I tell myself that and the placebo works) so you don't get as hungry.

    The water thing is just because I saw it on a picture of Jillian Micheals on Pinterest. Probably all placebo but it makes me less hungry. ;-)

  8. It is a very, very hard diet- especially at first. After a few weeks, it gets easier. Eating a huge amount of protein for breakfast helps. I agree with the fat. Butter and bacon make all the veggies go down easier! I don't stay on it 100% but, when I do, I feel better. Anyhoo- you cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh. About Downton, I knew what was going to happen, too. I spent a good portion of a few episodes under the covers and/or fast forwarding :( I'm wimpy when it comes to stuff like that. Even though you know, it' worth watching. Enjoy!

  9. I think Kat's advice is awesome!

    I did find I could eat more when I cut out gluten and I never feel bloated and miserable after eating anymore either. I've considered dairy, but I'm not a big milk drinker - and while I like cheese, I'd have to say my largest source of dairy is ice cream. And well, that's non-negotiable ;).

  10. You can do it! I agree with getting more fat/protein...and start out slow. I started with allowing myself one serving of grains per day and I am gradually cutting back from there (veeeery slowly, I might add!)

  11. Kat's advice is great. Giving up all grains is super, super hard, especially at once. Also, while I agree processed grains, gluten, and dairy are huge culprits, I am not sure giving up all grains is healthy if that makes sense. Brain rice, Irish (GF) oats, etc... these do have nutritional value and help keep things balanced (for example, if you don't get SOME carbs, ammonia starts to build up in your system. It's just a matter of eating healthy carbs in smaller amounts). I also love the idea of loading up on fiber... I eat a lot of nuts. Almonds are my friend. :) Also, finding good replacements:

    Almond milk for milk
    Avocado for cheese (like on a sandwich or in Mexican food. Not on pizza lol)
    Dark chocolate that is lower in sugar than milk choc for dessert
    Brown rice pasta for pasta
    Fresh, local fruit for my sweet tooth
    Sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes


  12. p.s. I love the title of this post. I can SO relate lol. I went nuts on "bad foods" post-partum after being very, very strict for so long. I had a similar mantra running through my head. But I'm back in the saddle... and it feels good. :)

  13. More nuts please.. almonds, pecans, peanuts(in moderation). I still have GF irish oats in the morning..
    other snacks include veggies w/ hummus, apples & almond or peanut butter. I have a wonderful farmers market that has lots of GF/DF treats, one lady makes key lime"pie", which is to die for, all dairy & Gluten free.. the crust is made from raw almonds, and the key lime has avacado in it.. YUMMO ! I agree you have to eliminate all in moderation.