Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) I would just like to say that I have a problem.  I know the difference between "your" and "you're" and I know how to use them correctly.  Somehow that does not stop me from using them incorrectly many, many times. Like an email that I sent a few days ago... Luckily not to my former English major boss, but really?  One of these days maybe I will learn to use them the right way.

2) I get to help teach the rock climbing class this year!  I'm so excited, but I have to brush up on my knots and hitches again.  Most I can remember, but the butterfly knot makes me batty and so does a bowline.  I never use those while I climb, but I have to know them if I'm going to teach them.  I helped last year, too, but I'm just a lowly assistant instructor.  They waited so long to ask that I thought they just didn't need as many of us this year.  It was fun to find out two years ago that I could do and even enjoy something like rock climbing, and it is delightful to get to help pass that on to others as well.

3) I guess the various bugs are going around again.  One of my coworkers left early the other day, and one of my patients came in with a wicked cough and explaining that two days ago she was so sick that she literally had to crawl to the bathroom.  Really?  Maybe you should stay home and not share!  I'm feeling borderline myself.  I feel better this evening (Thursday) than I did yesterday and this morning. I've spent the day with lots of water and lots of rest and taking echinacea.  Hopefully that will take care of things.  If I feel feverish, I'll call in tomorrow, but hopefully I won't need to!  I don't call in often, but when I do, I spend the whole day feeling guilty for not working.  And when I feel a little sick, but not definitively sick, I usually go to work, but then feel guilty about being germy and spreading it.

If I'm sick, I'll get a healthy dose of guilt no matter what!

4) I really have to try to get rid of grains and dairy.  I went to the dr. today because of a swollen tonsil.  It's not tonsillitis and I knew it wasn't, because it's not that red or sore.  But she says that while I don't have much sign of infection, I have signs of inflammation and she wants me to take a steroid nose spray.  I'd rather try to eat healthier!  I may have to use the spray for a short while.  The tonsil really is out of control, but I want to try to get rid of my need for it shortly.

5) Let's see, I tell you all about my charting and my disgusting tonsil.  This blogging thing really is kind of messed up.  Or I am.  Either way.  Speaking of charting, thanks so much for all the great comments.  It's nice to have the support.  By way of clarification, I do think that learning to chart "so that I'll be ready just in case" is a reason to chart, and not a bad one in it's own way.  I was just saying that it shouldn't be the only reason or the main reason.  It's definitely one of my reasons, too.  I did find it interesting that I get comments that people are glad they learned to chart when they did or that they wished they would have learned it sooner, but no one is sorry that they have that information.  I think for those that are single like me, it's not realistic that we'll chart all the time while we remain single, but I think it's so important to know how, to get a baseline, and to identify any potential problem areas.

6) Mother's Day is coming up.  I think I might go camping.  The two are not directly related, but it's still nice timing.  I just sent my SIL a birthstone locket.  I'm nervous about it because my SIL and I have never been that close (more because of geographical distance than because of any problems), and these things are always sensitive.  She would have been due this week if she hadn't miscarried, and right before Mother's Day besides.  Also, ordering jewelry online makes me nervous because it might be kind of tacky or not her taste.  Even if she hates it, I just want her to know that I'm thinking of her.

7)  I should have taken a picture of ALL.THE. SNOW. to show you.  But I didn't.  I'm sure you all have seen enough of your own that you didn't need to see ours. I had to clean several inches off my car.  What is up with that?  Everywhere it just won't give up!  But I love the wetness factor.  More wet!  Less fire!

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes.


  1. Congratulations on being asked to co-teach the class!
    Feel better and have a good weekend!

  2. That is awesome you get to teach a rock climbing class! I think it was very sweet of you to send your SIL a gift, I am sure she will appreciate it and love it. I hope you are not getting sick, I will say an extra prayer for you today!

  3. I also feel tremendously guilty if I'm not throwing up-stay in bed-sleep all day-kind of sick. :-)
    Your present to your SIL sounds just perfect. She will be touched you remembered - I guarantee.
    You will be such a blessing to the Rock Climbing class! How fun! You can share your story & be someone they can look up to that they can start now & be where you are soon.

  4. Ugh, I majored in English, and I still mix up "your" and "you're." And like you, it's obviously not because I don't understand the rule. I just type too fast and am not a great self-editor (yes, even editors need editors). So for all the Grammar Nazis out there - keep in mind that a lot of us committing grammar sins ARE aware of the rules and the issue isn't grammar ignorance... it's something else (like typing insanely fast). Give us a break! :)

    So glad you're finding charting beneficial! The rock climbing sounds so cool.