Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Only WIWS, But Many Other Things That You Didn't Necessarily Need/Want to Know about My Sunday

What I Wore Sunday linkup
To clarify, some people seemed to mistake my dislike for the picture of the outfit as uncertainty about the outfit itself.  Not true!  If I didn't like the outfit, I never would have linked up. ;)

So when I said that I had an outfit that would be worth posting on WIWS, I didn't actually intend to post it.  I simply meant to comment that I had one outfit that could play the game.  Most of the rest of the time, I just wear work clothes for church because that's what I have.  However, people said they wanted to see the outfit, and because I have no pride, I will post the truly awful picture that I managed to take after church today.  With my head cut off and some hiking clothes in the background that have only made it halfway toward the laundry basket.  Yes, because that's the kind of quality you can expect around here.

This outfit is taking risks for me, and I credit some of your WIWS posts with making me think I could try different things.  For one thing, my capris have color. I had to send out a text to several friends asking for reassurance before I could commit to buying salmon pants.  ALL of my pants are gray, black, tan/beige, navy or jeans.  Then there's the fact that not only did I go for some stripes, but my scarf has a WHOLE DIFFERENT PATTERN.  That's big for me, you see, because it's a fairly recent development in my life to wear a pattern at all, let alone two things with two wholly different patterns. Yikes. I admit that I'm concerned about falling through the hole between tastefully wearing colors and patterns and suddenly being that middle aged woman with the LOUD clothes.

Now, before I actually post the picture, I have to give you several excuses for the cruddiness of said pic. One is that there are only so many places in my house (one to be exact) that I can set up my camera for the nice timer shot.  It is not a place that has great lighting.  Then you add in the fact that I set everything to auto, except the focus.  I love manual focus, but you actually have to be behind the camera for it to work. I didn't realize the focus was off until after I'd changed into what I really wear for the rest of Sunday (but you don't need to see that mismatched mess).

No need to make that one bigger.  You can see enough to get the idea.
Now that I look at that picture, I doubt the shoes, but I do get comments on them being cute when people see them in real life.  They sure look ugly there, though!

I have huge plans to be lazy today.  That's the plan every Sunday, but this Sunday is more important.  I have a wedding to go to next Sunday, and the rock class is the following Sunday.  It is always my goal in life to have no plans on Sunday besides rest and relaxation.  That can include hanging with family or friends, but not anything that requires me to be "on" the whole day.  However, the next two Sundays are good reasons for exceptions, so that makes this Sunday's couch time all the more important.  I foresee blogging, movies, and ice cream in my future today.

This is in my past for today:

So close you can smell the grease and see the beautiful pattern of my cheap Wally World plate.
Yeah, I don't normally do food pictures, but that omelet turned out well, so I had to post the proof.  I also had to post proof after the last post that I do eat plenty of food.  I don't know why I was so hungry that Sunday, but I can tell you that with all the protein, I've barely been hungry since.  I am eating some gluten free grains for the moment, but I don't need them too much.  The plan is to try to be as close to full on paleo as possible for the entire month of June.  I have a camping trip planned, so that could make things difficult (camping usually does...)  I do not fully agree with the paleo plan for a couple of things, but my plan is to try it for a month or two and then start to add things back in one at a time to see how my body responds to them.

I do love that the fact that I'm trying to improve my diet means that I am posting pictures of my bacon and eggs.  But there's also mushrooms and green onions and spinach in that omelet, so that makes it healthy right? (And when you saute the veggies in the bacon grease, they all absorb that flavor, yum!  Oops, now I'm revealing that I'm eating my veggies soaked in bacon grease.  That's me. Healthy all the way.) Man, it was good though. Smoked bacon with no nitrates or MSG.

I can't believe that it's been 2 weeks since I've posted.  Not much going on here.  Spring is still MIA in that I think it is summer now when it was winter a couple of weeks ago.  I am cooking a lot more, and I have really been enjoying that.  I have all these foods in whole form that turn into really tasty meals.  Things like tomato and avocado salad, garlic and dijon chicken, tilapia with cilantro butter, fresh salmon, ginger pork chops.  All of these things are fairly quick to prepare, and it's wonderful eating real food.  That may be where some of my blogging time has gone?  I don't really know, actually.  I have no excuses.

Beyond that, now that it's warm, it's time to get outside.  I am ready for some long hikes and I'm disappointed that my next couple of weekends are booked.  A couple of days ago, I was able to run after dropping my car off for an oil change.  I don't run as a general rule because I have flat feet and my knees pay for the indiscretion.  However, I was able to jog (it wasn't even a plod! Though it wasn't a run, either) for 1.5 miles without stopping.  I was pretty happy with that.  My knees did complain, but sometimes they just have to suck it up.  I do enjoy jogging and wish that I could do it more often. Yesterday I was able to get out for 13 miles (and 3,800 ft elevation gain), but it felt so much shorter than that.  Usually I'm sore, but not so much today.  Which is awesome!  I think my friend and I were able to do some serious butt kicking on that trail.

Speaking of butts, I had a conversation with my sister the other day in which she mentioned that she was not excited by her lack of a butt.  Not a concern that I've yet to face in my life, for better or worse.  I think too little butt is a problem as well as too much butt.  I'm going to go ahead and continue in my narcissistic vein today and say that with the hiking and such, I'm happy with enough and not too much. It does keep me in a pant size up, but that's a small price to pay.

Yes, clearly I should be blogging more often when these are the kinds of inspiring thoughts that I have to share with the world!

Wow!  You made it this far? You are either a trooper or seriously bored. Head over to FLAP for more WIWS.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to put where the outfit came from!

Everything: New York and Company
Except the shoes: DSW (I think)

Indeed, you needed that to make your day complete.  Here's one last photo of Spring, just because you toughed it out.

Just like everyone else's close ups of growing things.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

But I Like Inflammation!

At least, that's going to be my story after today.  I believe that dairy and grains, in the form that we have them today, are likely causing a lot of our health issues.  But I'm hungry, so I don't really care anymore.  I decided to start cutting out the grains today, and I was all excited and proud of myself until about 2:30 this afternoon.  Then I was shaking every little crumb I could get out of what little was left of my last box of cereal. Because I'm hungry.  I tried to prepare for this.  I made sure that I had plenty for my meals.  I made sure that I had appropriate snacks to eat.

It didn't work.  The reason that I ate the cereal is because it is the one grain that was left in the house (besides some rice, but I didn't want to work that hard for something that wouldn't be tasty unless I fixed it up).  I should be picking up the house right now so that I can think about being ready for the coming week.  But I am far too hungry to bother myself with mundane things like doing dishes! I'm thinking about going to the store to try to find something.  I'm sure that I would also have to pick up some chocolate for myself for the trouble.

Seriously!  I know that some of you have done paleo or similar types of eating plans.  What the heck do you eat so that you don't go crazy??  I'm really glad that I decided this should be done in stages. Tomorrow's stage is definitely going to have to have some more carbs!

Besides whining about being hungry, I think I'm getting over whatever little bug I had.  It was a weird one.  I'd have a headache, and I was really tired.  So I'd lie down.  And I'd be happy as a clam until I was bored of the couch.  Then I'd think I was doing better and I'd get up and quickly just want bed again.  It was pretty exciting to go to church today, come home and cook an (perfect!) omelet and then still feel like doing more stuff.

But lying on the couch left me plenty of time for some TV.  I am into the 3rd season of Downton, but not caught up yet.  The nice thing about the DVD's is that I have access to the special features, and the one I listened to today was talking about the whole thing with Pamuk.  Guess what.  They didn't make that up!  Apparently one of the writers read that in someone's old diary from approximately that era!  Beyond that, I'm not sure if I can keep watching.  Except for Edith and Bates, everyone's pretty happy right now.  I have seen enough spoilers to know what's coming.  I don't know when or how, but I know it's on the way. I'm glad I know in a way, because I can't handle those kinds of surprises on shows. On the other hand, I wish I could have ignorance and not be waiting for that.

Seriously.  I've been eating all day.  How am I still hungry??? Grrr.... I'm going to go find more food now. Somewhere.

Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) I would just like to say that I have a problem.  I know the difference between "your" and "you're" and I know how to use them correctly.  Somehow that does not stop me from using them incorrectly many, many times. Like an email that I sent a few days ago... Luckily not to my former English major boss, but really?  One of these days maybe I will learn to use them the right way.

2) I get to help teach the rock climbing class this year!  I'm so excited, but I have to brush up on my knots and hitches again.  Most I can remember, but the butterfly knot makes me batty and so does a bowline.  I never use those while I climb, but I have to know them if I'm going to teach them.  I helped last year, too, but I'm just a lowly assistant instructor.  They waited so long to ask that I thought they just didn't need as many of us this year.  It was fun to find out two years ago that I could do and even enjoy something like rock climbing, and it is delightful to get to help pass that on to others as well.

3) I guess the various bugs are going around again.  One of my coworkers left early the other day, and one of my patients came in with a wicked cough and explaining that two days ago she was so sick that she literally had to crawl to the bathroom.  Really?  Maybe you should stay home and not share!  I'm feeling borderline myself.  I feel better this evening (Thursday) than I did yesterday and this morning. I've spent the day with lots of water and lots of rest and taking echinacea.  Hopefully that will take care of things.  If I feel feverish, I'll call in tomorrow, but hopefully I won't need to!  I don't call in often, but when I do, I spend the whole day feeling guilty for not working.  And when I feel a little sick, but not definitively sick, I usually go to work, but then feel guilty about being germy and spreading it.

If I'm sick, I'll get a healthy dose of guilt no matter what!

4) I really have to try to get rid of grains and dairy.  I went to the dr. today because of a swollen tonsil.  It's not tonsillitis and I knew it wasn't, because it's not that red or sore.  But she says that while I don't have much sign of infection, I have signs of inflammation and she wants me to take a steroid nose spray.  I'd rather try to eat healthier!  I may have to use the spray for a short while.  The tonsil really is out of control, but I want to try to get rid of my need for it shortly.

5) Let's see, I tell you all about my charting and my disgusting tonsil.  This blogging thing really is kind of messed up.  Or I am.  Either way.  Speaking of charting, thanks so much for all the great comments.  It's nice to have the support.  By way of clarification, I do think that learning to chart "so that I'll be ready just in case" is a reason to chart, and not a bad one in it's own way.  I was just saying that it shouldn't be the only reason or the main reason.  It's definitely one of my reasons, too.  I did find it interesting that I get comments that people are glad they learned to chart when they did or that they wished they would have learned it sooner, but no one is sorry that they have that information.  I think for those that are single like me, it's not realistic that we'll chart all the time while we remain single, but I think it's so important to know how, to get a baseline, and to identify any potential problem areas.

6) Mother's Day is coming up.  I think I might go camping.  The two are not directly related, but it's still nice timing.  I just sent my SIL a birthstone locket.  I'm nervous about it because my SIL and I have never been that close (more because of geographical distance than because of any problems), and these things are always sensitive.  She would have been due this week if she hadn't miscarried, and right before Mother's Day besides.  Also, ordering jewelry online makes me nervous because it might be kind of tacky or not her taste.  Even if she hates it, I just want her to know that I'm thinking of her.

7)  I should have taken a picture of ALL.THE. SNOW. to show you.  But I didn't.  I'm sure you all have seen enough of your own that you didn't need to see ours. I had to clean several inches off my car.  What is up with that?  Everywhere it just won't give up!  But I love the wetness factor.  More wet!  Less fire!

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes.