Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) Quick Takes is about deep thoughts and profound words about important topics, right?  Wait, it's not? Perfect.  Because the only thing that I can come up with off the top of my head is that it's YOUR fault.  YOU all sucked me in.  I started Downton Abbey, and liked it okay, but I didn't love it like the rest of the world. Only... now I think I'm starting to get sucked in.  I was out climbing the other day and the theme music kept going in my head.  The music that fits with drawing rooms and dressing for dinner doesn't quite match up with rock climbing.

2) Oh, geez.  What next? I'm still watching it right now.  There is almost too much drama for me! The characters are great, the settings are amazing, but the holy cow, the drama! I know that's part of what keeps me watching, but sometimes it's too much! I'm also behind with "Mr. Selfridge" and now I want to start "Call the Midwife." What is it with PBS and BBC?

3) If I ever do run out of things to watch, I can always throw in the long version of Pride and Prejudice.  I have a sudden strange desire to watch it again.  I blame BBC.  Again.

4) I wouldn't be doing QT's and watching Downton at the same time, except that I'm crunched for time. (Also, I need a distraction when the drama gets to be too much for me.)  I'm busy because I'm taking a wilderness first aid class right now.  It's good and helpful, but I don't like 3 hour lectures.  It makes me tired.  And bored.  And keeps me out past my bedtime. But it's really good information.

5) Like most people, I have been frustrated with some of the winter weather throughout April.  I am happy that some of the mountains are getting significant amounts; anything that will help slow down the fires and keep the west from burning again like it did last year would be fantastic. (But what is up with people messing with avalanche territory?  Heavy, new, wet, spring snow on crappy, old winter snow is asking for disaster.)

6) Speaking of fires, I see them differently now.  Living in the flat lands, I didn't think of them too much.  However, when I was out climbing the other day, my friend and I looked out at the clouds at a distance and some of the rain that was starting to fall.   Then we noticed another cloud that was rising. And we heard the sirens. On the one hand, I wasn't too concerned.  It was in town, and I knew that the terrain would be easy and there would be plenty of access (things I never used to think about at all).  On the other hand, spending a summer surrounded by fires all throughout the West, those sirens put me on alert in a way that they didn't used to.  I don't even care if the rain keeps me from climbing.  Let it rain!  Or even snow!  (Although, I still prefer my moisture on days that I can't climb anyway.  If I could choose. Which I can't.)

7) Speaking of snow, my "hike" this last weekend actually turned into a snowshoe.  So that was fun. (I'm not being sarcastic. It really was a lot of fun.)

Okay, have a great weekend and head over to Jen's (welcome back, Jen!) for more QT's.  My weekend will consist of trying to pass a first aid test (written and practical) without studying, trying not to need my newfound skilz as we take to the rock after the class (because it's supposed to be AMAZING this weekend, and I have to get out to play at least a little), and patting myself on the back for finishing Friday QT's in time to actually publish it on, well, Friday.

P.S. I mentioned last week that I have a new outfit that I can't wait to wear and that it would be appropriate for WIWS.  It may be warm enough to wear it this weekend, but don't hold your breath for pictures. I'm lazy, and the post would require finding a spot for the camera and doing the whole timer number and taking probably a lot of photos, and then I'd still have to crop out my head (because of this being an "anonymous" blog if there is such a thing).  And that's just creepy.  Who wants a headless outfit? (That's a rhetorical question!)


  1. Terrible April everywhere, that the day it hit 70 here in New England last week everyone went out. But the skiers enjoyed it up north in the White Mountains.

  2. Amusing (gratifying) to watch you have the same reaction to Downton that I did, can't decide whether to jump into Call the Midwife season 2 now showing or try and get hold of Season 1 first.

    Good luck on your test! BTW if you have a smartphone you could take the picture yourself with the phone in front of your face.

  3. What Joy said! Faith Makes Things Possible is a pro at this :).

    I will not watch Downton Abbey. I will not watch Downton Abbey. I will not watch Downton Abbey....

  4. Yes, Downton is very dramatic but that is the fun of it! We are already having 80 degree weather over here in SoCal and we had a fire in the mountains in a close by neighborhood last weekend. I hate fire season, I wish we had had more rain and snow this winter. I am so curious to see this outfit! Maybe you can take a picture of the outfit lying flat or on the hangers and post that?

  5. Well, no snow here, but there sure was a week ago! Yuck! I can't wait for nice weather & spring temps. Oh, wait. We'll blow past that into the heat & sweat of summer. Boo!
    Snowshoeing sounds like such fun! I am in love with the shoes! They look so funny, but they do work.
    Please post a photo of your outfit. I need all the inspiration I can get!

  6. I'll look at a headless photo if it's in the name of cute clothes, haha!! I still haven't gotten sucked in to DA... I am afraid, very afraid. :) But ooooh how I love P&P!! And the Midwife show is so tempting too. Darn it BBC and PBS!

  7. Oh, I am such a Downton Abbey lover, the drama is the best!!! Also looking forward to the picture of the outfit, I´d look at a headless picture, I did one like that :)